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Who is your favorite Coordinator?

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August 4, 2014 at 12:37am

Over the last 20-30 years tOSU has had some great coordinators running the show under some fine head coaches. My question to you is, who is your favorite, or in your opinion, the best at what they do for the Buckeyes.  Maybe it is Fred Pagac from the silver bullet defenses of old under Cooper. Maybe it is Mark Dantonio. I'm sure Tom Herman will get some votes for the high powered offense he has brought to Columbus. Jim Heacock was recognized nationally as Defensive Coordinator of the year, the most recent Coordinator at OSU to receive such an honor. Who wants to weigh in here?

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Hard to argue Heacock and his results.

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I'll go to war with Fred Pagac.

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Dantonio. I wish he'd been on the staff longer. 

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agreed.......cant upvote yet

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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+1 to get you a little closer - also because Great Lakes Beer is my favorite - too bad they don't have it out here.

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Nick Siciliano

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John Tenuta.

Let's party, Columbus.

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George Chaump. He convinced Woody to go from the split T to the I the summer of 1968. 

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Wait, wrong thread. 

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Can't believe no one is picking Bollman. 

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I have to go with Tom Herman. I must say his offense is a thing of beauty. I've always dreamed of a OSU offense that could put up numbers like those no defense playing Big12 teams. He may be the next OC -> HC upgrade in CFB, and I'll be sad when he goes. While I love a stingy defense (Dantonio would be my 2nd choice) this offense is really exciting. 

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Dantonio, easy.

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Fred Pagac, Walt Harris, Glen Mason

Dot this

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Dantonio and Walt Harris.

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