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Tailgating Bucket List

July 22, 2014 at 12:06pm

I will continue the "trying to keep sane during the off-season" threads and talk some tailgating. Outside of Columbus and the B1G, what locations and games are on your bucket list to attend for the main reason of checking out the tailgate scene?

Mine are: 1. Ole Miss- The Grove 2. Washington (google pictures, they tailgate on boats) 3. OU-Texas at the Texas State fair.

How about yours?

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What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

I'm a born and raised Texan.  I even lived an hour a way from the state fair for 3 years and I still have never made it.  I fail at life.   The Texas State Fair is known for it's amazing fried concoctions.  I want to go badly.

But if you are talking tailgating - for food - you left off perhaps the absolute best place to do it.  Baton Rouge.  With home night games a norm I've heard that their tailgates are epic.  They've got the Texas beef influence, southern cooking and of course all of the Cajun options.  If I'm tailgating, I want to go here.  Can't stand LSU, but taking in an all day tailgate plus the atmosphere of a night game in Death Valley = awesome game day experience.  I'm 4 hours away and I need to do this.

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jeremytwoface's picture

Girl included? 

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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IH8UOFM's picture

I kind of want to tailgate in Ann Arbor wearing neutral clothing/gear and not reveal my true alliances until I have consumed my weight in beer and free food.

Byaaaahhh's picture

Do it fully decked in OSU stuff.

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hodge's picture

I was just up in Ann Arbor (insert prostitute joke here) earlier this month, and I gotta say that it's a fantastic town.  I'd been there once before for an afternoon, but spending a weekend up there has made me really want to go up there and tailgate for The Game.  When you go, be sure to hit up Ashley's -- I was there three separate times over the course of 24 hours.

It's tough to admit this as an OSU alum, but I'd move up there in a heartbeat.  It's a really cool place -- kind of a more cosmopolitan Yellow Springs, if you will.

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BucksfanXC's picture

Ashley's is great and they are opening a HopCat in the fall right downtown where Border's used to be. 100+ beers on tap puts any bar on good standing IMHO.

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512buckeye's picture
  1. Auburn - Great game day atmosphere.
  2.  USC - Beautiful women galore.
  3. Wisconsin - Beer, cheese, and sausage.

Let's party, Columbus.

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I'll give you USC for the ladies. But it's in a shitty part of LA. You don't want to hang there too much before and never after a game. Traffic sucks coming & going. And their fans are quite annoying.  

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I was at USC for the 2008 game. I'd rather forget it. 35-3. But the tailgate was off the hook.
Was also in Madison for the 2012 game. Best RDS play of his career in my humble opinion. Madison is a fun town but the tailgating sucked ass. My buddies and I were at a bar literally next to Camp Randall at 9:00 and you could count the badger fans on one hand until far too close to kickoff.

Byaaaahhh's picture

If the outcome is allowed to be part of the "tailgate scene," I'd go to Ann Arbor to see everyone deflate as The Game slips from their hands. 

If not, then I guess Auburn and Wisconsin. 

Where I'll never tailgate? Penn State. I can't stand their fans when sober and I probably wouldn't survive the day if they were drunk. 

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KBonay's picture

UCLA at the Rose Bowl is a great venue. 

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This is the way they do it in Seattle

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Fly Patterns's picture

I'm not sure about a bucket list but my buddies and I got to a road game every year. Looking forward to Navy but we are already ready with a RV for Va Tech. I am not a fan like most of us of the SEC so for a bucket list I'll go with Norman Oklahoma. Oh wait, we're doing a home and home with them too.