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All Big 10 team, past 20 years

johnblairgobucks's picture
July 20, 2014 at 4:29pm

Since the Big 10 expanded to 11 members by adding Penn State into league play in 1994, who should be considered for the Big 10's top players during the past 20 years?  Trying to keep it along the timeline of actual Big 10 membership, so Nebraska players before 2011 shouldn't be considered.

Will update/edit team daily with user votes and ideas:


Rb: (2)

Wr: (3)

Ol: (5)


Dt: (3)

De: (2)

Lb: (4)

Db: (5)


Place kicker

Kick returner


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FROMTHE18's picture

I'll do the first 3 positions and come back 

QB: Drew Brees

RB: Eddie and Ron Dayne

WR: Terry Glenn, Charles Rogers, David Boston

+2 HS
lamplighter's picture

I'd take Ki-Jana Carter over Dayne

+2 HS
M Man's picture

So Drew Brees set all of the B1G passing records.  I still think Troy Smith was a clearly better collegiate QB.  If Michigan had to play nine games against a Drew Brees Purdue team, we win eight of them.  Playing the Troy Smith OSU team, we'd lose eight.

+5 HS
Killer nuts's picture

Just a hodge podge that should be included:

Buckeyes: orlando pace, dan wilkinson, Shawn springs, mike doss, take your pick of our line backers

Other schools: lavar Arrington, jake long, Ron dayne, Eric decker, jj watt, drew brees

+1 HS
johnblairgobucks's picture

I always felt Lavar Arrington was over-rated

johnblairgobucks's picture

QB:  Drew Brees and Troy Smith

Rb: Ron Dayne and Eddie George

Wr: Braylon Edwards, Terry Glenn and Charles Rodgers

Ol: Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer, Jake Long, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Hartings

Te: Dallas Clark

Dt: Dan Wilkinson

DE: Adrian  Clayborn and Erasmus James

Lb: Pat Fitzgerald,James Lauriniatis, Dan Connor, Greg Jones

Db: Antione Winnfield, Mike Doss, tyrone Carte, Charles Woodson

Punter: Andy Groom

Pk: Mike Nuggents

Kick returner:  Ted Gin Jr

Need more time to get names right

512buckeye's picture

Offensive Line : Orlando Pace, Joe Thomas, Robert Gallery, Steve Hutchinson, LeCharles Bentley.

Let's party, Columbus.

+3 HS
johnblairgobucks's picture

1,000 yards rushing per game

+2 HS
Hovenaut's picture

Troy Smith
Larry Johnson, Jr and Ron Dayne
David Boston, Charles Rogers, Lee Evans
Kyle Brady
Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Hartings, Cory Raymer

Dan Wilkinson, Ndamukong Suh, Jimmy Kennedy
Courtney Brown, Mike Vrabel
Pat Fitzgerald, Simeon Rice, Paul Posluszny, AJ Hawk
Charles Woodson, Antoine Winfield, Jamar Fletcher, Mike Doss, Bob Sanders
Travis Dorsch
Mike Nugent
Ted Ginn, Jr

+2 HS
johnblairgobucks's picture

No Suh, for you.......... Pre Big 10

Forgot about jimmy Kennedy.

+1 HS
Hovenaut's picture

Ah, damn it. Keep thinking Brasky has been in the league longer than that...sure feels like it.

I'll nominate Jeff Zgonina from Purdue instead, four year starter who was tough to move in the trenches.

whiskeyjuice's picture

A lot of good names here. Seems like you could create a super team with any combination of the names mentioned.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Drew Brees

Eddie George
Ron Dayne

Bobby Engram
David Boston
Charles Rogers

Dallas Clark

Orlando Pace
Aaron Gibson
Joe Thomas
Ben Hamilton
Greg Eslinger

LaMarr Woodley
Whitney Mercilus
J.J. Watt

Dan Wilkinson
Michael Haynes
Jared Odrick

A.J. Hawk
Pat Fitzgerald
Dana Howard
Paul Posluszny

Mike Doss
Charles Woodson
Antoine Winfield
Shawn Springs
Darqueze Dennard

Mike Nugent

B.J. Sander

Kick Return
Teddy Ginn Jr.
Tim Dwight

Jim Tressel

+1 HS
johnblairgobucks's picture

Like the Aaron Gibson and Dana Howard mentions.  The Big 10 has been absolutely loaded at linebacker in the past 20 years.  

Lamar Woodley of 2006 was a man amongst boys.  Courtney Brown had 13.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss with 3 forced fumbles in 1999.  Chris Gamble was also a man amongst boys throughout 2002 ......hard to pass over some of these greats.

Tim Dwight was electric, but would you rather have him return a kick over Ted Ginn?

+1 HS
ohst8buxCP's picture

Just throwing this out there... Zolton Mesko for punter.....

M Man's picture

Michigan fans would love you for that.

The Space Emperor was a very good punter; always one of the one or two best in the Conference.  Very good yardage; very good hang time; reliable, pretty good getting kicks inside the 20.

But he wouldn't be on my list.  Still, Brian Cook at MGoBlog would love you for thinking of the character he created to a great extent.  Zoltan never won a Ray Guy Award.  B.J. Sander did.  As did the one standout punter in the Big Ten of the past 20 years; Travis Dorsch, who was a freak of a kicker, doing punting and kicking (and playing baseball!)  Dorsch was to punting what Troy Smith was to quarterbacking.  Dorsch is the guy, so to speak.

btw, at LB...  I am showing my personal view and prejudices from having seen them, but my own list might have to include Katzenmoyer of OSU and Larry Foote of Michigan.  The two most ferocious hitters I think I have seen in the B1G.

And Lamarr Woodley; yes.  Like a ninth grader playing against sixth graders.

+2 HS
512buckeye's picture

Forgot to mention Jamar Fletcher, DB from Wisconsin.

Let's party, Columbus.

Buckidelphia's picture

Matt Light, OT, Purdue

Kris Dielman, OG, Indiana

Dallas Clark, TE, Iowa

Plaxico Burress, WR, MSU

+1 HS