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Joe's Statue Plans Move Forward

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July 14, 2014 at 10:51pm

Anyone else hear about this or is it just scuttle butt? I would think or hope this is not true because if true it shows they have learned nothing over there in Pedifile U. I was checking out their form over on Scout's and saw this.

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Seen what?

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There have been plans since early this year to erect a new Joe Paterno statute in downtown State College, away from the campus. There was a fundraising campaign to get it sculpted but I don't know how successful that campaign was.

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Move over BOFUQUEL, Airbuckeye is my new favorite poster.

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I'm relatively new around these parts as far as a registered user.  Yet, Airbuckeye is one of the first to get catch my attention; and in a good way.  On a site where ppl tip-toe and tend to bite their tongue and tend to care more of *Helmet stickers* and quanity, than substance and quality, Airbuckeye is fresh breath of swashbuckling air; political correctness and stickers be damned.

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I've never seen them post at the same time.

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Ok i had not heard anything about that thanks  just thought i would ask.

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DJ....we both have a love Warren G. Harding..I thought that would push me over the top...but its okay. 

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Someone can chime in and tell me if I have this wrong, but I always kind of thought that PSU had an opportunity to take the lead in the fight against childhood sexual abuse, i.e., turn the enormous negative into something resembling a positive. To my knowledge that hasn't happened - and I'm all but certain that it wouldn't be a lack of resources that would be the cause of inaction. Hopefully I'm just uninformed.

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There's obvious examples, but since these initiatives don't involve statues or football, most sports fans don't pay attention to them.  They've invested in new research programs and facilities. (The Network on Child Protection and Well-Being)  Academically, they've created a new curriculum and strengthened their course offerings.  Their library system has innovated reading collections dedicated to abuse prevention.  They've attempted to raise public awareness through high profile conferences. They've initiated new training programs for state employees.  Financially, Penn State has made huge donations, as well as grassroots level small contributionsStudents have launched their own fundraising efforts and awareness campaigns.  I mean, if you're expecting the school to give away half of its endowment or something, then these initiatives probably won't impress you.  But, efforts are being made. 

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Just don't ever move him to the showers because he'll never make a difference there.

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penn state fans never fail to amaze at the levels of insanity they can reach

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Model of new Joe Paterno statue revealed, doesn't include a bench as originally planned

The sculptor planning to build a statue of Joe Paterno in downtown State College revealed a model of "Joe's Bench" on Thursday – but the model includes no such bench. 

"At one point, we had a design that had Joe seated on a bench," Kim Intorre, one of the leaders of the project, said in a press release. "But Zenos [Frudakis] made it clear, Joe was never seated. He was always on the move."

A clay rendering of the project shows that instead of being seated on a bench holding a book, former Penn State coach Paterno will be standing on a base that has yardlines on it. The statue is expected to be built in Centennial Walkway outside popular State College restaurant, The Tavern.

Frudakis explained his decision on the group's website, saying "I felt the bench was a 'cliché,' and Joe was not a cliché. Anyone can sit on a bench, there are many statues with people sitting on a bench, Joe was an active individual, and he was not a bench warmer."

Well with the small exception of when it came to protecting children from rape. After all you wouldn't want to ruin anyone's weekend.