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Anthony Mckee Jr's top 10 schools

AlwayzABuckeye614's picture
July 8, 2014 at 8:08pm

Per his twitter:

Michigan State










Did OSU not recruit this kid? This is a pretty nice list, its not like he's not good. Im from Columbus, and I just hate to see CITY league kids keep getting passed over MOST of the time. And its not something ive noticed recently, its even been since I was in HS 15 years ago(yes I know Columbus City league kids have played at OSU). It just seems more often than not, OSU looks at kids outside of Columbus Public. 

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UrbzRenewal's picture

Perhaps OSU had other/better prospects higher on their list? To be honest (as a Columbus native who's lived here all my life), there's been quite a downfall in Columbus area talent for a while, compared to Cleveland and Cinci. Of course occasionally there will be some good talent that OSU will take/consider (Vannett, Lee, Ball, etc), but comparably, there is more/better talent elsewhere.

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I know we're linebacker U, but we can't have them ALL

+1 HS
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If your nice list includes Kentucky, Indiana and Syracuse it probably isn't that nice of a list unless it is basketball. 

Just playing around, in all honesty I don't know much about him but his highlight tape isn't too shabby and it doesn't look like the good guys are recruiting him. 

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dtheib's picture

With Hilliard and Conner already in the fold and hopefully adding Baker to the mix by the end of the week, our LB class is looking quite strong.  We are also still going after the likes of DeBerry, Jefferson, and Gustin.

Would have been nice to keep a hometown prospect here but sometimes the numbers just don't add up.

- tOSU

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Mckee is a very solid prospect that just happens to be a victim of Ohio having one of its better LB hauls this year. He is undersized a bit but he would be a very solid option at walk out. I could see him going to MSU and carving out a very solid career.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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AlwayzABuckeye614's picture

Yea I understand OSU is looking at better talent elsewhere, I just hate to see local kids go to other big schools and compete and do good there, especially against OSU when they happen to play. 

You're right, we can't have em all, as much as I would like that LOL

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I believe that it isn't about talent, but rather about grades and concerns he wont be eligible

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It does suck we cant have them all but this kid is already winning.  Come out of the inner city with scholarship offers like that....as long as he keeps his grades up and stays out of trouble....he's won!  Good luck to him where ever he lands