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Think it's safe to say that the majority was Buckeye Nation

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July 4, 2014 at 6:17pm
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Buckeye Nation at work!  Great day all around! 

Go Bucks!!

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And almost that many people will be packed in the Shoe to watch them play in the near future.

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That's quite impressive for a work day. Personally, I was fairly swamped at the time and had to take a "bathroom break" at 10:20 or so which was just me walking into the hallway to check on my phone. 

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Watching it from the Man Cave at 7:00 AM and woke up the 10 year old - "Sorry Son - Sometimes getting up early on your summer break is a good thing."

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did the same 150k try to come on 11w after the announcement and fry the servers?

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Only that many cause 11w servers went boom :)

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He's kind of a big deal

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