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Sam Hubbard - TE?

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June 22, 2014 at 4:52pm

Dawn Hinton (Tim Hinton's daughter I'm assuming) just posted a picture on twitter of the TE's. Sam Hubbard was in the picture with Huerman, Vannett, and Baugh. This must mean that Sam is playing TE this year. 

If somebody could put a picture of that post on here that would be great.

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From Tim Hinton's daughter:

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That's a shame if it's true. He's up to 245 now and I really wanted him to get a look at LB because he was an animal on that side of the ball in HS. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Wish i could give you 10 UVs.  That was my exact thought.  DEFENSE!!  Im really thinking JJ Watt eventually out of him.

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OTRAIN it's not that bad, the kid is a freak athlete.  As a fan I want him on the field anywhere b/c I know he will be successful.  It's not a bad thing IMO

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I agree I want him on the field too. While I think he'll mainly be playing special teams this year, I just see him getting farther up the depth chart this year on defense then at TE.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Enjoy the closeness these guys have. Friends on and off the field. Plus, on topic, Hubbard could be an two way player with his athleticism (Boren) for depth purposes. Plus, I'm positive he is going to be an beast on Special Teams.

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WesPatterson23's picture

I definitely agree. I think he will learn TE and play LB if/when needed.

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Wow. I was under the impression he would stay at LB.

Not at all disappointed if Hubbard is now at TE...I think he'll be able to contribute on either side of the ball.

And if that is Hinton in the background... ride the wake, coach!

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Maybe when Hilliard silent verballed they decided to make the change. Guilty of an overactive imagination today folks.

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I don't have a problem with that considering all the talent we could have at LB. This makes me think Hilliard just might be a lock.

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Nah, we now need to put Kevin Feder at TE instead. Just run him up the middle and turn. Throw high. It might take ten yards each catch but how can it be stopped.

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I've always thought Hubbard would end up at either DE or TE. He's 6'6" and about as athletic as they come. With the talent we're getting at LB and DE, the coaches can afford to use his ability at a position of need. I think the coaches knew it and that's why they have only gone after a few elite TEs.

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I agree with you.  There were some clowns suggesting he play safety.


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I don't understand the downvotes. It was extremely obvious Hubbard was never going to play safety at OSU.



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Whatever gets him on the field sooner/more.  I would hate for someone with a lot of talent to not get much play time because they are behind another guy with talent.  It looks like we're going to be thin at TE and he has the size for it.

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I find it odd that with Braxton leaving and logically thinking that we will move to a more pass oriented spread offense under coach Herman going forward with our next QB and here we have a guy in Sam who has Jimmy Graham type size and speed and the talent to become the best tight end in the history of OSU!!!!... and we are not happy about it??? I'm sorry but I'm kind of excited about it! He would be the ultimate equalizer against a defense like MSU and our young fast receivers would rarely be double teamed! I haven't seen many 6'6"-6'7" linebackers become stars... they usually move to DE and become stars there! Just my opinion.

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I don't know how you look at the guy and not think TE.  The NFL is dying for more "too big for safeties and too fast for LBs" types.  I thought the only reason he wasn't a TE coming out of high school was because he had stone hands. 

Ted Hendricks is the only super tall LB that I can think  of in football history. 

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He rarely dropped any potential picks headed his way in the games I watched, and in his highlight tape you can see him catch a touchdown while playing tight end in an intra squad scrimmage. He's already got some experience on it.

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The smartest move the coaches could have made. Put him at T.E. and don't move him.

Ed Hopper

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I actually thought he should be a TE from the jump, he played safety a lot and with his understanding of agility and spacing from playing LAX, why not have a 6'6" athletic freak at TE, especially with what could turn out to be an embarrassment of riches and depth at LB now. Urban wanted it addressed and the staff responded with the likes of Johnson, Mitchell, Berger, Booker, & McMillian, with Worley and Lee stepping up, while looking to add Conner, Hilliard, and Baker. 

There are only 3 spots to fill at LB and while having a 6'6" guy roaming around at LB seems cool, we'd have to assume he'll get bigger in Mick's weight program too and with that type of talent collectively at LB, we don't need Hubbard at LB.

I think he'll be successful wherever he plays though!

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Buckeye Hernandez minus the murder/gangster stuff

stark county football

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I like the move, we are stacked at linebacker and thin at TE(in the future). He is athletic and great size at 6'6 230.

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Wait, you follow the daughter of a position coach...how deep is your obsession bro?

I think it's weird to follow coaches wives, but following their kids takes it to a different level


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Haha somebody retweeted it and I just spotted it on my TL.

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Wait, you follow the daughter of a position coach...how deep is your obsession bro?

Lost it  

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I'd like to see Feder at tight end.



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Silly Freshman, doesn't know where his position group meeting was and ended up with the Tight Ends for the day...

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I like the move a lot actually. I didn't really see that walk-out linebacker spot being a fit for him anyway. 

There's not many 6-6 linebackers out there for a reason. He could be a dangerous weapon at TE.