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Lindy's Preview

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June 22, 2014 at 9:53am

Anyone know when Lindy's is coming out with their Buckeye's preview? Also is the 11W writing it again?

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Lmao...man I was excited thinking it had come out!!
Ohh well..
It seems usually to come out around late July early September

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I'm not sure I understand your question? No...in fact...I'm positive that I don't

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you said late july, early September - - I think he was sarcastically wondering if you forgot August is in between those two months...

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Lmao...45 years old...you'd think that I'd have caught that

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Pretty sure I saw in a thread that a staff member said they were in the process of making one again this year. Sorry can't find the actual thread to link to though

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Thanks for the info, figured it's getting close but couldn't find anything online about it

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Several monthes ago one of the staff announced that 11W would not be doing the OSU special edition for Lindy's this year.

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We were actually knee-deep in producing another Ohio State preview mag for Lindy's until, from what we were told, their Midwest distribution partner abruptly went belly-up. Without a deal in place, they had to cancel the Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame editions.

We're kicking around ideas for a preview of our own, but don't have anything finalized yet.

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Thanks for the update Jason. I think we would all appreciate you all doing your own preview. But I also know you all provide the hands down greatest team dedicated site out there and you all do it for free! So I'm grateful just to be able to come on here every day and read multiple articles on OSU, Big10, and NCAA related news. And we get other sports like Bball, hockey, LAX, tennis, etc in addition to the football stuff. Any preview you may or may not do would just be icing on a really already delicious cake.

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You got it. And here's 10,000 Helmet Stickers for saying all of those nice things.