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Subsequent sequence of events:

Turn on my XBox > Edit Depth Chart > Annihilate teenage gamers.

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Ryan Shazier is a very bad man. So excited to see him suit up this fall.

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I love Shazier but he plays for the #%€£¥?< steelers....... Get lots of sacks and tfl but lose. 


Go Browns. 

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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Damn it, stop it. Recurring fantasies of LeBeau running our defense. 

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How does a Pittsburgher pronounce Shazier?


Any of youinz guys know?

He's going to destroy...

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I was yelling at the tv at several of the Browns moves early in round 1...I think I woke up my neighbors when I found out he will be haunting the browns for the next 12 years....worst thing that could've happened draft night.

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God look how jacked RDS. Imagine one more year in the new walkout LB role this year. BABY COME BACK!! You can blame it all on me!

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I was wrong and I just can't live without you !!

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That kinda speed and killer instinct would be pretty interesting to see on the offensive side of the ball. Just one of those freak athletes that would have been elite at whatever he decided to do. At 6'2 he could do some damage as an RB.


How many cheeseburgers are you gunna drive into that dirty old cheeseburger locker Brady Hoke?