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The Shoe - bigger and better. Wow!!

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June 10, 2014 at 5:59pm

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Here's a pic from before:

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I don't really like it.  Loses that disconnect of 'Shoe and Southstands.

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I actually think this is going to look pretty sweet on game days. Keeps the integrity of the Horseshoe shape while maximizing seats and acoustics. 

Now we just need a boss new field entry for the team to explode onto the field.  The entry has been lame of late and the hive was alright but I'm talking about something with some real juice. This new structure presents the perfect opening for it. 

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Agreed. Imagine the start of a bad ass enterance song while the jumbo tron shows video of the locker room door. The doors burst open revealing the entire team lead by the captains. 108k fans going nuts as the team march down the ramp WWE style. 

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Yeah but I never liked the 2 slanted openings below the stands it made it look like damned Bucky the Badger lol and like Chief said it will make those night games even louder!! 

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And as a result, my ticket prices didn't go up, right?

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Who do you think is going to pay for Gene Smiths Bonus every time the women's rowing team or synchronous swimming team win the National Championship?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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^^^ This guy !!! ^^^

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Spot on Otrain

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Some more Urban (via Sammy):

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