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Xbrax wins the heisman?

Tampabuckeye85's picture
May 29, 2014 at 12:48am

All things considered and looking at the improvement year over year. My question is this if Braxton stays healthy all year does he win the heisman? I went back and looked at the last two years and I honestly do not understand how how didn't win it yet. From a stat perspective Johnny did put up more yardage but he also lost two games and if your the best player you put the team on your back and win those games. In 2013 i understand he got hurt but if you stretch his numbers out over 14 games he had about what Winston had and he was undefeated as well so does he win it. Everyone else all the others years wasn't really close. Better numbers than Klein and he also lost that year and manti shouldn't have even been there. I just can't help but think he hasn't won because of his jersey and the team that's on it.

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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

Yes, I think Braxton wins the Heisman next season; and I also think Ohio State wins the national championship.

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I do agree Braxton should have gotten a little more recognition but you gotta keep in mind Winston barely played in the 4th quarter of any of those games last year - His stats could have actually been a lot better...

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Wow, I just checked Winston's numbers and you're right about Winston not really playing in the 4th quarters.  Though, it looks like he was absolutely amazing in the fourth quarter when he did need to play.

77.8% completions and 210 passer rating.

He was also spectacular in the 4th quarter of the national championship game.  He went 9/11 with two touchdowns and no picks.

By contrast, in the 4th quarter of OSU games, Miller only completed 51.4% of his passes and had a 114 passer rating.  In his bowl game, he was 8/11 with one TD, one INT and one lost fumble in the 4th quarter.


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Braxton didn't win because he plays in the big ten, and any qb in the nation can put up those type of numbers in the big ten..I don't have the option on my phone to use sarcasm font, sorry!

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The network that carriers the Heisman show has some say in the process and a positive OSU story is not high on their radar.

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Either way i think we have to go undefeated in order to even give him a shot. 

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He simply has to perform. There's a new standard beyond just being an exciting player at the QB position, when you've got kids putting up the numbers that Winston, Hundley, Mariotta, & Manziel were putting up - that's what it takes now (and a winning team) to win the Heisman trophy as a QB.

Look at the last four winners: Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel, Jameis Winston. All at or above 67% comp pct, and either 4,000+ yards passing or 3,000+ yards passing & 1400+ yards rushing while accounting for 40+ total TDs. 

Braxton has done none of the above.

CAN HE? Well let's hope he can, but that will remain to be seen until this fall.

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It would be great, but I'd rather have the NC over an individual award.

That said, if he stays healthy and OSU is in the playoff hunt, I think he has a good a shot as any.

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He has to stay healthy first! Stay in the pocket and be a QB who reads the D and he will stay healthy possibly win the Heisman and get drafted. Heuerman should have had about 20 more catches last year running down the middle of the field wide open with his hands in the air while Braxton had already put his down and started to scramble. If he continues those habits then we may still win all of our games which is great because he is so dynamic with his legs but it won't serve him well in the long run. Personally I think Hundley and Mariotta will battle it out for the Heisman this year but I would rather win a championship than have the Heisman winner.