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Who do we need to develop the most for the 2015 Buckeyes to succeed?

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May 15, 2014 at 5:49pm

I think there are a number of players that if they take a big step forward, could really help the team. Here are my suggestions: 

Braxton Miller - Braxton is great but if he can take the next step and complete more in the range of 70% of his passes I think it would make the offense basically impossible to stop, but he cannot act like he did against Buffalo where he is so hesitant to run that it ruins the play. His legs are an asset, he has to use them, but if he is deadly in the air then good luck dealing with Braxton, EZE, Dontre, Rod Smith/Dunn and the other receivers. 

Offensive Line - Pretty simple really, if this offensive line can play close to what we had last year, it will be tough to stop the offense. This is a high bar but this would be great. I also think that the talent on the offense should take some of the pressure off the line. 

Curtis Grant - I think we've been hoping for this for three years. Curtis Grant, given his physical size and speed should be the best linebacker on this team, unfortunately he hasn't put it together yet, I hope that changes. If it does, it will give us a great addition to the linebacking corps and really allow the defense to flourish. 

Eli Apple - Apple was a highly touted recruit but one that I could see being a huge part of this secondary. If he can step up and play I think he could really help the defense. 

Doran Grant- Replacing Bradley Roby is no small task but if he Doran can help fill the void left by Roby I think that we will see a big improvement in the pass defense. The addition of Chris Ash should really help all the cornerbacks in their development and play. 

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Desfense as a whole. Great individual performances last year, if they can play as a unit and not rely on a few players to outshine the unit then I'll be happy.  


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I think the Defensive Line I think will be great, with Larry Johnson and the talent there, the unit should be one of the best D-Line's in the country. Otherwise, yes it is an unknown. 

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We need the offensive line to reload. It doesnt matter what improvements Braxton has made if he doesnt have time to get rid of the ball.
Dontre Wilson is another player that the bucks need to produce. For Urbans offense to reach its full potential, it needs a playmaker at the h-back. Since he was hired, we've heard "percy harvin position" enough to gag a maggot. I am sure that they will field a couple rbs that will be more than servicable. They wont be El Guapo, but they will make plays. The offense NEEDS Dontre Wilson to become the playmaker that he was hyped up to be in order for this offense to reach the proverbial next level.
Defensively we need Joshua Perry to step up. I think the ship has sailed on Curtis Grant. If the pieces havent fit yet then they arent going to. I look for McMillan to take over before B1G play starts. Someone needs to step in for Shaziers absence.
In the secondary I dont feel like one player needs to step up. We have plenty of young athletes back there who will brimg tOSU back to its pedigree of CornerU. Im hoping the terrible play was a result of not properly recruiting safeties (fixed) and a piss poor scheme (hopefully fixed as well). Once we get our dbs up in press coverage and not 10 yards off the line, we can utilize the athleticism our guys have.

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Defensively we need Joshua Perry to step up. I think the ship has sailed on Curtis Grant.

 I think we need Perry and Lee/Worley to improve the most.  MLB is largely simplified in Ash's defense, but WLB and SLB have more responsibility in run and pass coverage.  I think Grant could put it together this year, since he'll be used more against the run than having to be in coverage, although I wouldn't mind giving McMillan the reps for half of the year if Grant still isn't above average.

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The poor scheme is what killed the defensive backfield last year. The safeties were highly recruited guys. Christian Bryant and CJ Barnett were both 4 star guys. Corey Pitt Brown and Vonn Bell were both 5 star guys coming out of high school. Some of these guys struggled mightily but again, I believe that is more a product of the awful scheme than talent. Except for Pitt Brown, as he simply did not develop.

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Braxton Miller.

If he can learn to find the open receivers he missed in 2013, during his passing progressions, then there would be no doubt he could lead OSU to a NC. Though I might add that Tom Herman needs to improve his 4th quarter play calling as well.  As close as OSU was to winning their games vs Michigan State and Clemson, by force of shear offensive might, those were their two offensive failings.

Botched punts will happen, just need to hope for better timing, like when we are up by 30 or 40.

Defense.....well new scheme, front 7 a year older and stronger, new linebackers and secondary have me excited.

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Miller, obviosly.
The O line will be new but getting the transfer really helps
Curtis Grant for sure
At least 1 WR, my money is on Jalin Marshall.

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I really like Jalin. I also like Michael Thomas, but we'll have to see. 

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It's the old adage offense wins you games defense wins championships. We lock down the secondary and it's green pastures this season. 

That being said Braxton becoming a qb when the weather changes would be AWESOME

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Yeah, the weather thing seems to be weird. I wonder if it's the glove that messes him up. 

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Secondary and young OL.  Believe Braxton will light up the record books this year. 

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I just hope those numbers are from after the weather turning and not simply stacked from the warmer games 

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Ah, pass defense. 

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xbrax gonna xbrax, I'm not worried about him. I'm thinkin more along the lines of LB and as some have mentioned our beloved OC.
MLB importance can't be overstated. Mr Grant, the lights are on, the stage is set, and the house (shoe) is packed. Now. Or. Never.
Mr Herman. Open your playbook and flex that creative noodle we've all heard so much about (mensa cough cough). I know seasons really are about more than one or two botched plays but seriously, two more El Guapo carries and who knows what could have been.
But what the hell do I know.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Anyone responsible for defending the pass.


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I have to imagine that Fickell is basically in an "improve or get out" situation, right? 

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Wrong, the problem left after last year and Ash was added.

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In my opinion the individual players that need to develop the most for us to be a contender are: 

- Michael Thomas. If this guy can be the consitent wide out he has the ability to be then it will take our offense to the next level. He has all the physical attributes. I'm hoping for a breakout year after the let down last season. 

-Eli Apple. He has the length and speed to be a great corner. Id love to see him take the next step this offseason and earn a starting spot. 

The offensive line needs to develop more than any other unit on this team. Hopefully they do. 

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I think the key to the success of this team is in the defense, particularly in the secondary.  There is some youth back there that needs some time to gel.  if we can get a decent pass rush that will make life easier in the back end.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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This just my opinion but I don't think it's scheme, position or player that is going to make the difference on the defense this year. My guess is the difference is going to come from the meeting room. The fact that the secondary is now in the same room is going to be the deciding factor. Everyone can be on the same page and someone will break out as the QB in the backfield and I think that is going to be Bell who steps up and starts talking out on the field. Then all the other things you good old boys mentioned are going to make this team elite and bound for the title.