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2015 draft-Buckeyes in Rd 1

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May 9, 2014 at 2:48am

The Buckeyes have a few potential first round picks in the 2015 draft. Our highest rated player will be Michael Bennett. He probably would've been a first rounder this year had he come out but luckily for Buckeye fans he is back for a big senior year. If he can stay healthy he could be the first DT taken and a top 15 pick. Jeff Heurman could sneak into the first round. He'll have to improve his overall consistency whether it be route running, pass catching or blocking. Braxton Miller is a potential first round pick but he will have to improve on several aspects of his game. If he shows a consistent absility to read defenses and throw into tight windows he has a good shot. He'll also have to limit the fumbles and stay healthy. Noah Spence & Taylor Decker are guys that could be first rounders with big junior seasons though I hope to see them in the Scarlet & Grey for 4 years obviously. Go Bucks

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I don't think Heuerman really has a shot at the first round.  He's an NFL guy for sure but he's not really the type of super athletic receiving TE that usually goes in the first round.

Michael Bennett has a good shot if he has a good year. With a strong year at nose tackle this year he'll have proven himself at 3 positions along the line, and NFL teams love that kind of versatility

Braxton of course will be heavily debated and needs a to take some big strides.  He has the talent, but it's so hard to tell what QBs will go where - especially this far out from the draft.  

Spence and Decker would be the juniors most likely to make the jump and both of them play positions that have a lot of value in the first round.  If you're a top 5 OT or pass rusher you've got a great shot at going in the first round.

Other guys who could step up to first round level with huge years are Devin Smith and Dorian Grant - They both have all the physical tools that NFL teams look for and they play positions with a lot of draft value.  They've both shown flashes of greatness, especially Smith, but they need to be much more consistent.  If one of them puts it all together and has a huge year he could see himself shooting up draft boards before next spring.

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You figure that with their build and big years, Spence and Washington cloud be gone, Spence especially. I think Devin Smith is draftable, but not within the first 2-3 rounds, unless it is a particularly soft WR class. Decker probably gets drafted, and Brax will be interesting to watch. He probably will not be able to work up any higher that the 3rd or 4th best QB, depending upon whether Winston actually does come back for another year. If I had to guess, and assume great team and individual seasons I'd say it looks like this (grade, perhaps not actual pick)

1st - Bennett

2nd - Spence* and Decker*

3rd - Washington*, Miller, and Heuerman

4th - Devin Smith and Doran Grant

6th - Curtis Grant

Shot at Undrafted Roster Spot - Rod Smith, no seriously

The Buckeyes just are not riddled with NFL talent, particularly as positions that the NFL covets. They are a really good college football team, but we'll have t wait and see if that translates to the NFL. Make no mistake, Urban Meyer wins, and wins big, and he recruits really good college football players, but particularly on offense, he does not produce a lot of NFL star caliber players. But, as I said, let's just wait and see.


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Adolphus isn't leaving early.

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With a MONSTER year, given as he can play inside and outside, he may. Although I'm thinking he probably doesn't. But, I think with even decent year (30-40 tackles, 10-12 TFLs, 6-8 sacks), Spence is gone.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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None of those guys will be first rounders. Maybe Spence. No way Bennett would have been a first rounder this year. I mean Jernigan from FSU is still on the board and so I Hageman from Minnesota. Bennett would have been a day 2 pick.

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Bennett would not be a first rounder this year , and Heuerman is not that close either. Miller is not that close. Spence is undersized, at his size I don't see him going first round at DE, he is a tweener at the next level. Of the guys you listed D. Grant is the most likely to go in the top 3 rounds in 2015. 2016 will probably be a better draft year for Buckeyes.

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Wrong wrong wrong

Spence is going to be 6'4'' 255-260 with long arms when he enters the draft, a perfect size for a defensive end who runs a sub 4.7 likely. 

Bennett is a perfect 3-4 DE, similar to Cam Heyward, and absolutely a first round grade out.  Of course things change

Heuerman I agree that I don't know where all the love for him is coming from to get into the first round

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Fwiw, SI.com just did a 2015 mock draft and they list Michael Bennett at #16 in the first round. They compare him to Aaron Donald out of Pitt from this year.