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Taiwanese animation of Jameis Winston Crab leg incident

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May 8, 2014 at 1:29pm

Sorry if already posted

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That was pretty funny. Thanks for the post.

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Haha I enjoyed this thanks for posting 

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That was actually really good dope. Much apreeshed.

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I kept expecting to see Mr. Sparkle.

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"Hey there, Fishbulb."

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I like all the fat security guards on segues.  America is full of fatties so it's not much of a stretch that a supermarket in Florida (Tallahassee especially) would require a half dozen 300 pound security guards on segues to protect the food.  And now Carrabas is offering free refills on pasta too just like Olive Garden! I wish I could invent an unobtrusive artery declogger (don't steal my idea guys)

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The fat security guards got me too. That gave me a good chuckle for sure.


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Wasn't sure what to expect, but was hooked at the tapestry at 0:06.  Well played, indeed.

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All facts

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The Metal Gear alert sound (0:53) is what did it for me...

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My Taiwanese professor in college had that sound and the codec ring as his cellphone ringtone, it was awesome.

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All I can say is that it's a good thing Mindy Drayer didn't get hooked up with these folks last summer.

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Jameis looks to have a wonderful home, his kitchen quaint, but pleasant.

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Paula Deen would like Jameis to get her one of those giant sticks of butter next time he goes "shopping".

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That's not enough butter for her.


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She'd go for 2.  Why?  Because she couldn't carry 3.

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Yep. Looks legit to me

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Well done.  Thankful there is not a Taiwanese Penn State Animation floating around.  Truth be told, a Tatoo version would be a little humorous. 

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Truth be told, a Tatoo version would be a little humorous. 

For Tatgate--or at least that era, we need to rely on the awesome LSUfreek:




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