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Go Knights, holy avatar!

How many cheeseburgers are you gunna drive into that dirty old cheeseburger locker Brady Hoke?

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That Bortles kid must be doing something right...

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On topic, I believe Ryan Shazier will be one of our more successful NFLers in recent past.

He may start out as a safety or walk-out linebacker, but his motor and attacking instinct will translate to production at the next level. Everybody has said some variation of that last sentence who watched a down of our defense last year.

How many cheeseburgers are you gunna drive into that dirty old cheeseburger locker Brady Hoke?

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Every time somebody mentions Shazier playing safety I cringe at the thought of the play he made in coverage in the B1G title game. The RB I think made a wheel route up the right hand side ,it was  3rd and long the QB was pressured and basically went to throw the ball out of bounds. Shazier was so lost in coverage he proceeded to fly over and knock the RB's block off while the ball was traveling to Bauserman land, resulting in a automatic first down and MSU going in for a TD instead of a punt.Was a critical play and stuck with me.

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He is a linebacker. You can't really change that. He'll always be the same type of player no matter what you call him.

That being said, you're definitely right. He would be used as a box body even if he was called a "safety" and put way off the line pre snap.

I wouldn't mind seeing his pass D if everything were in front of him the way it is 15 yards off the ball though. RDS could build a lot of steam to plug a running lane from that depth too. And his range in cover 2 would be nuts. 

How many cheeseburgers are you gunna drive into that dirty old cheeseburger locker Brady Hoke?

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I think this years draft class will be successful. You have top end athletes in positions of high demand in roby and shazier. You have extreme versatility in Carlos hyde at the running back position...which is something teams are looking for in a back. A guy who can do it all at a high level. And looking at guys like mewhort and norwell...you have guys who can become stout interior linemen in the league.

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We were spoiled for awhile.  What does it say about recent classes that six draftees would be the "best" class in five years?

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I wouldn't take Roby in the first three rounds. Honestly, I don't care about what he did without pads. I watched every game this season and i thought he was average at best. i hope the Bengals don't take him


i  would want hyde, shazier

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