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Braxton Miller or Ezekiel Elliott

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April 26, 2014 at 8:37am

Which one will have the -
A. Most rushing yards in the 2014 season and what will the total be?
B. Most rushing yards in a game in 2014 and what will the total be?

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I'm not going to guess on numbers (I suck at that) but I will take Zeke (assuming he wins the starting spot) for both A and B. Urban will probably want to protect Brax and keep him in the pocket whenever possible.

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A to EzE, I'll say he gets over 1K while sharing carries.

B to Brax. Think he'll have one of those XBraX games where he's unstoppable carrying the ball - 175 yard day.

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I still don't think Zeke will be our No. 1 back. They are all going to be splitting. 

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Unless of course someone has a Hyde type of year.

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if he starts and splits reps he's still the number one back, just not a clear number one. and i expect him to get a lot more rushing attempts with brax trying to stay healthy.

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Braxton for both. 1138 yards and a 196 day. 

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A. Braxton B. Braxton. Eze has a stable of studs he's gonna share carries with. Brax will get his carries and his yards when it's all said and done. I understand trying to protect him, but you simply CAN NOT have a guy with his running ability and not have him running the rock.

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A. I'll give it to Brax just because I think the stable of RBs will be rotating early and often. I think we will see our RBs rotate like Wisconsin when they had the three headed dog of John Clay, James White and Montee Ball. 

B. EzE might just have one of those games early in the season that if he's hot, the coaches will let him go. Guessing maybe against Cinci or Kent State. 

Sidenote: Don't think either lead the team in rushing. 

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I'm hoping neither for Braxton; not sure if Elliot will be the featured back like Hyde was last year.  I hope Braxton has about 500 yards rushing for the year and about 4,000 yards passing.  We need him to stay in the pocket, distribute to all of our weapons, and let the RBs pound for the yards.  He'll still get some rushing yards because of the read option offense to keep the defense off balance, but the pocket is a safer place to be for XBrax.  If he develops his passing skills this year, look out.

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I dont think Braxton is going to run it much at all this year. I have a feeling he made a deal with Urban that he'd come back if he didnt have to run it 20 times a game and risk getting injured. It'd be much better for his development if they just made him become a pocket passer. With all the weapons we have on offense there is zero reason why he should have so many designed runs and so few passes. 

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Elliott for the season with 1205 yds. Braxton with the game high 188 yds. I think Wilson and Smith/Samuels will   get some good rushing yardage.

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With a rebuilt OL I could see Braxton having to scramble more when the protection breaks down. I think Miller will get the most yards in a game and EZE for the year, but like others have stated it could be a split backfield between 3-4 players so I'm not really sure. Ask me again a week or two into the season.

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A. Eze - 1,228 yards for the season

B. Eze - 204 yards in one game in a blow out

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If Braxton runs with the ball a lot in the up coming season, I hope he does a better job of protecting the ball than he has in the past.

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I believe Coach will really make an effort to make sure that Braxton's carries are limited.

Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

EzE--With 1,478 yds 17 TDs

Eze--214 yds against Kent State 3 TDs

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It better be Eze or were not going to win a NC

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Braxton he'll have around 850yds. I just think with a couple new faces on the line and the wr's not showing just yet what there capable of.. We'll see.




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Sorry and Ezekiel Elliott 230yds. 3td's against Indiana...


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Here's to one of em breaking Eddie's record on the final Saturday in the Shoe in 2014.

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BassDropper's picture

Elliott-1,465 13 TDs 6.4 ypc

Braxton- 935 13 TDs (number lower because I think he will be focusing more on his passing game)

Dunn 685 yards 7 TDs

Samuel 745 yards 9 TDs


Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

No way in the World we score 42 rushing TD's without Rod Smith being involved. I guess its possible he transfers out and I fully expect one of our RBs to do just that but that would be impossible to factor in. Otherwise great numbers on your projections.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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BassDropper - Where is Rod Smith?????

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I think it is a little crazy to expect EZE to rush for more than 1000 yards. He has shown great promise, but that is a lot of pressure to put one one player who is playing with 4/5 new starters on the offensive line. Even Carlos Hyde, who had a great offensive line 2 years ago, had a hard time reaching 1000 yards. I think Braxton hits 1000 yards rushing, but EZE will lead the team in all-purpose yards. 

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He did have fewer carries in 2012.  Had he had the same amount in 2012 he did in 2013 he would have had 1000.  Had he played the full season in both years he would have had well over 1000 in both.  So, it's not like Hyde had trouble reaching 1000, he just didn't play enough/get enough carries to get to that threshold. 

In today's college football with 14 games potentially on the schedule.  He only needs to average 71 yards per game.  The trick is staying healthy, and hoping the new line can open up holes for the him. 

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I definitely think 71 a game is pretty manageable, but you also have to look who else is going to be carrying the ball and getting touches. And not just running backs, we have Dontre, Braxton, Johnnie Dixon, and also tight ends to get the ball too. Unlike last year where Hyde needed to be the workhorse because of our lack of consistency in any other area, this team's skill positions seem to be a lot more complete.

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People are assuming EZE will have to split carries because of a "Stable of Runningbacks," but do we really have a stable of RBs?  Have any of these guys done anything on field to show they are really that talented?  Rod Smith was good when he held onto the ball but did nothing but insert himself into the Urban Meyer Doghouse.  Dunn has looked so-so in limited carries.  I'm not sure Ball is ever going to contribute significantly.  That leaves Elliot, who did look pretty darn good last year, granted mostly in garbage time, but he put up a lot of yards in his limited opportunities.  

I think it could very well be EZE's job to lose and that he's going to get the bulk of the carries.  I'm just not that impressed with what I've actually seen on the field from these other guys.  I know Dunn looked really good in Spring Ball, we'll see how that translates to real football.  It just seems like for a long time we've been talking about this great stable of backs, and at the end of the day one of the guys has been really good and a few guys looked like they had potential.  I remember when it was Jamaal Berry who was going to dominate, then Jordan Hall was going to be "the guy" , Rod Smith was the next great RB.  During those player's times here it's basically been Boom and Hyde who carried the load when they were given the job.  

I think whoever "the guy" is when the season starts, we'll see that person get the overwhelming majority of the carries. 

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Most rushing yards in a game I can see going to EZE. I think he leads the team in rushing too. I don't think he is the feature back. He brings a lot of versatility, but these guys are all playing their butt off in that meeting room for playing time. Drayton and Meyer have said as much during spring ball. After the first three games we will see what its going to shake out like for the rest of year as far as rotation.

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Miller: 1,150ish yards, 12 TD's

EZE: 1000ish yards, 10 TD's

Samuel: 600ish yards, 4 TD's

Dunn: 500ish yards, 6 TD's

Wilson: 500ish yards, 7 TD's

Smith: 400 yards, 5 TD's

Cardale: 300 yards, 5 TD's


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