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Spring Game Post Game Discussion

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April 12, 2014 at 9:41pm

I didn't get a chance to see the game and haven't found any links yet. Would love for you guys to fill this out. 

1) How did the defense look, specifically the back seven? Did the poor offensive numbers occur because of good defense or bad offense? And how did the secondary's fair against our receivers?

2) How did Curtis Samuel look?

3) How did Johnnie Dixon look? 

4) How much different will our running game be this fall? I understand Urban wanted to air it out today, but would still like to hear how are running game looked. 

5) How did Raekwon look?

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Him1stftballl8er's picture

Based on everything I've read so far, sounds like our OLine development will be a huge factor. 

And the defense sounds promising. 

The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools. 

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 First off, the defense looked very good. I was impressed with all the cornerbacks and safeties. The linebackers looked really big and fast out there. The QB's didn't play really well so that May have made the secondary look a little better. I'm a little worried about the o-line because it looked like the QB's we're scrambling for their lives. But also Pat Elflein didn't play and Taylor Decker hardly played (already proved himself). Once those two are in, and we get those other three solid guys, I think we'll be fine. Curtis Samuel took most of the RB reps with the Scarlet team (Ezekiel has already proved himself) and he looked ready to contribute right off the bat. He could accelerate very quickly, but I don't think they used him like his role will be this season. He played the regular RB role, not the hybrid today. I do think he will eventually play hybrid cause they don't want him to take that much of a beating. Johnnie didn't play extremely well, but they did make a big effort to get him the ball. By the time season comes around he will be making big plays. Raekwon played excellent. I'm not sure he will start (certainly a chance) but he will play quite a bit. Oh yeah, the running game looked okay, but Rod didn't play, and Ezekiel played very few snaps.

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I have concerns about the offensive line protecting Brax.


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Not directly related to the game or how the team played, but this jacket is hot:

Any idea where to find it?

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A lot of the OL problems can be attributed to how dominant our DL will be. Going up against the best should tune the OL to became a strong unit for the season

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1.  I thought the overall play of the defense looked improved compared to last year.  There were no long completions, although the QB's aired it out quite a bit.  The coverage looked good and the LB's looked like they knew where to drop in coverage.  The short passing game was there most of the afternoon and I thought the standout performances from a X and Z position were Corey Smith and Michael Thomas.

2.  Curtis looked average at times, although he broke one into the open late in the game and absolutely made the defender look silly.  I think he will be very similar to Dontre in terms of utilization and skill set.

3.  Dixon looked like he will be one of our downfield threats, although he didn't win any battles for the ball.  Credit to the coverage on him all afternoon.  I can't say he dropped any that he should have caught as many of the balls were thrown where they could be contested by the DB.

4.  The running game was ok, although the line needs to continue to develop.  Eze had a nice run or two as did Dunn.  I thought Ball looked very good as well.  We are really stacked at RB this year in my opinion.

5.  Raekwon looked very instinctual and aggressive.  He dropped into coverage really well for a freshman.  I think he will push Curtis Grant this year.

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Didn't get a chance to watch the entire game but I did see that Raekwon was everywhere.

UFM said that the O-Line needs a lot of work.

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You will hear a lot of the O-line needing work and the QBs not looking great.

The top 2 O-line guys we have on the team didn't play in Decker and Pat E. We won't be as good on the line as last year, but should be ok this year,and great next year.

Dixon I thought looked hesitant to go up and the get the ball, which was surprising given that was one of his big strengths as a recruit if I recall.

Samuel looked fine

McMillan was fine, but I wasn't left gushing over him like others on the forum were

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Cardale still needs to step into his throws. He has a cannon for an arm but he throws off his back foot too many times. JT looked a bit more polished once he settled down and he led his team on sustained drives.

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So thankful that Braxton came back for his final year. 

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Finally got around to watching the Spring Game (had a very busy weekend & Monday).

Anyway, here's Scarlet Buckeye's thoughts on the Spring Game:

(1) If Braxton Miller goes down, we're in some *big* trouble.  Neither Jones or Barrett are "ready".  Jones is probably the more "poised" of the two, but I think Barrett might throw a better ball.  Here's the thing that scares me about both: they both have no idea what a "touch" pass is.  I can't tell you how many times I saw them throwing straight rockets at their receivers (& when it was clearly not needed); Barrett especially.  When you throw a straight missile into the hands of your receiver that's standing 7-10 feet away, the percentages of catching the ball drop than if you were to throw a simple touch pass and lead the receiver.  Until Jones and Barrett learn this concept, they're not ready to lead this team.  Finally: I do think Jones is the better of the two at this point, but I do think Barrett has the higher upside (I think Barrett could end up being a serviceable QB, as long as he grows/matures - think pocket presence - and there's no indication - at this point - to believe he won't grow/mature.

(2) Kyle Dodson absolutely got destroyed.  #94 Rashad Frazier (WHO?!) ate him alive *twice* pretty badly.  Dodson came in as a fairly heralded recruit (consensus 4-star) and he did not look any good.  Which leads me to my bigger point: I'm really concerned about the Offensive Line this year.  Last year, Taylor Decker was considered the "weak link"; now - this season - he's considered the "anchor".  Yikes.  Aside from Decker, the only guy with any real experience is G Pat Elflein.  In the little I saw of Elflein last season, I'm not too worried; but that leaves three other spots to fill.  I thought Boren was a shoe-in to lock up the C position, but it sounds like Billy Price is giving Boren quite a push.  As for the other two spots... Antonio Underwood and Darryl Baldwin better be ready.  But I think we all have to be pretty honest with ourselves: neither of these guys has done anything yet in a game to prove that they are ready to carry the mantle.

(3) Losing Carlos Hyde is so huge, words cannot even begin to describe how devastating his loss could be.  I'm ready to go out on a limb and say Hyde is the best RB OSU has seen since Maurice Clarett.  Yeah we have a lot of crazy depth at RB (Elliott, Smith, Dunn, Ball) but let's be real... none of those guys are Carlos Hyde.  Last year... I felt supremely confident in that when we we're faced with a 3rd & short or 4th & short, we could simply turn around and hand the ball off to Carlos Hyde and pick up the first down (ironically, this is the very same thing that cost us a chance at playing in the National Championship game, as Meyer & Herman decided late in the Big Ten Championship game to run off-tackle with Miller, instead of turning around and handing the ball off to Hyde).  The simple fact is... no matter how good Elliott/Smith/Dunn/Ball end up being, the simple odds are they will likely not end up being as good as Hyde was.  A talent like Hyde is simply so rare.  Bottom line: this year, I'm concerned that when the chips are down and we need that short yardage to pick up a fresh set of downs, I'm not sure we have that go-to-guy on the team that can pick up 2-3 yards and move the chains for us.  I did like what I saw tho, however, in the circle drill... as I believe it was Elliott (Scarlet #15) vs. McMillan (Gray #5), and it looked to me like Elliott got the best of McMillan.  So maybe Elliott can be that guy that can gain those 4th & 3 yards, but to me he's just not Carlos Hyde.

(4) It was very hard to judge the receivers - mostly because the QB throws weren't that great. One of the things that alarms me is... Meyer stated he wanted to throw the ball a lot in the Spring Game (and they did), but really their weren't that many catches.  I suppose the best of the bunch looked to be Michael Thomas, but quite frankly, I'm done getting excited about Thomas until Thomas actually does something on a Game field.  Thomas (right now) is this team's Bam Childress.  Dude looks AMAZING in Spring Games and practices (ala the insane one-handed catch he had on Saturday and the... what... 2-3 Instragram videos we've seen of him catching the ball out of mid-air with 1 hand.  There's no question... the guy has all the talent in the world, but with how dismal the receiving core looked last year, and the fact that he was unable to make it onto the field and do anything productive... this all leads me severely wondering about his ability to contribute on Saturdays.  It's time for Thomas to put up.  As for the rest: I didn't really see/notice Evan Spencer, Devin Smith, James Clark, or Corey Smith.  Not even sure if all four of those guys even played.  I do recall seeing (I believe) Corey Smith in on a catch or two, but other than that, I thought those names were very silent - which is alarming to me, considering how "silent" that group was (aside from Corey Smith) the few games of the season last year.

(5) Defensive Line is literally the one unit that I have zero worries or concerns about.  We are so ridiculously talented there (AND DEEP) that it's not even funny.  And you know what they say... the game is won in between the trenches; especially on the defensive side.  With DE Noah Spence (yes, I know, he's suspended 3 games - Navy, VaTech, Kent State), DT Michael Bennett, DE Joey Bosa locking down 3 for the 4 spots (I'd really like to see Adolphus Washington move inside and occupy the 2nd DT slot), I feel supremely confident in this group to get things done.  And that's not even mentioned the added talent of key reserves like DE Jamal Marcus (looked fantastic vs. Clemson), DTs Tommy Schutt & Joel Hale... I think this unit will be more than fine.

(6) With the departure of Ryan Shazier to the NFL, our only "reliable LB" over the past 2-3 seasons is now gone.  This unit is almost as worrisome as the Offensive Line unit.  Fortunately, we do have some experience (Josh Perry, Curtis Grant, Cam Williams), but to be honest, I'm not sold on any of those guys.  McMillan looks the part - kid looks like a BEAST out there; insanely huge - but I'm certainly worrisome about starting a true freshman at LB and relying on him to be our "savior".  I know this horse has been beaten to death by now, but I'm really bummed about losing out on Mike Mitchell.  I know, I know... the guy never even played a down last season, so how do we even know if he was capable or not - I get it.  But, there's no denying the kid had supreme talent (see Nike's The Opening) and that we have some big question marks currently at LB.  I suppose the good news is... there's been a lot of talk about Darron Lee looking pretty solid at LB.

(7) I'm supremely confident with Doran Grant locking down the 1 corner position.  I know some will call me crazy, but I honestly thought Grant was better than Roby last season.  So, that's one position; now what about the second?  Well... here's where the big question mark is.  The secondary was down right atrocious last year - perhaps the worst since I've really started watching & analyzing Ohio State (back in 2001).  It was embarrassing with how "soft" our coverage was (really there's evidence of it all season, but certainly look no further than vs. MSU and vs. Clemson).  I'm thrilled with the hire of Chris Ash, and I loved that the first thing he said was we had to get more aggressive on the defensive side; especially the secondary.  So I think the change in strategy will be a much needed change (I expect OSU to blitz a lot more this year, and I certainly expect them to get away from that "soft" 7 yards-off coverage and play more 2-3 yards bump-and-run coverage.  But back to the question at hand... who's going to man the corner opposite of Grant?  Well, in all honestly, I think if it's Reeves, I think we could be in some trouble.  I was quite high on Reeves coming out of H.S., but last season he did not look ready to be playing major D1 ball.  He just looked too slow to me.  So, I'm hoping Eli Apple or Gareon Conley can step up and man the 2nd corner.  I would much prefer seeing Reeves as a 3rd DB.  After those names... Damon Webb or Devan Bogard better be ready, because there's not much else in the barn after those horses.

(8) Safeties.  I know we're losing Christian Bryant, and I know what he meant to the team (A LOT), but honestly... I feel pretty confident in my by Tyvis Powell.  Tyvis seems to just get it, and I have all the faith in the world that he will be more than serviceable.  I don't think he has the inherent talent to be all All-American or anything like that, but I do think he has the heart & drive to make a big play when a big play is needed (see vs. Michigan last season).  As for the second safety spot, I think Vonn Bell has done enough to warrant having some faith in him. I really wish he was available for spring ball so he could get all the necessary reps he likely needs, but unfortunately the injury is keeping him sidelined from so.  And while I feel less confident in these guys, I'm happy to have Cam Burrows, Ron Tanner (had some very nice hits in Saturday's Spring Game), and Chris Worley (could he be Christian Bryant 2.0?).

(9) Kickers. Call me crazy, but I think it's painfully obvious that Sean Nuernberger > Kyle Clinton.  Neither are anything "special" just yet, but to me, it looked like Sean (Fr) was much father along than Kyle (Jr).

(10) Cameron Johnston.  In all honesty... after the amazing year Johnston had last year, I feel like I can only be disappointed with him this upcoming season.  Johnston was so picture perfect last year it was amazing.  I have the most faith in him - more than any other player/position... and yes, that includes Braxton - but honestly, when you're already a "100" (so to speak), the only potential room for 'movement' is down.  That's how good Johnston was last year.  And that's a good thing... because even if Johnston does go 'down' (say, a "90") a "90" is still head & shoulders above 90% of the other punters in the country.


So what does this all mean?

Well, if you look at the schedule (best Woody Paige impression), I think things setup like this...

vs. Navy   W

vs. Va Tech   W

vs. Kent State   W


vs. Cincy   W

at Maryland   W


vs. Rutgers   W

@ Penn State   L (1st away game... Happy Valley is always tough... Hackenberg... etc.)

vs. Illinois   W

@ Michigan State   (redemption/revenge game)

@ Minnesota   W

vs. Indiana   W

vs. Michigan   (I know this is going to be an unpopular one, but honestly... OSU is 11-2 vs. Michigan over the last 13 matches, and this rivalry is just too big/important, IMO, for any one team to dominate that much.  Plus, this is arguably a 'do-or-die' year for Hoke.  I think if Hoke were to lose this year vs. Ohio State (he's what... 1-2 vs. Ohio State, right?  so that would put him 1-3... and then if he were to lose to Notre Dame and/or Michigan State - he's what... 3-6 vs. those 2 programs, right?), I could see the pressure being insanely hot and the big guy).

Regardless... if it's not Michigan, I do see OSU losing 2 games this season (before their Bowl Game).  I hope I'm wrong, but I fear the inexperience across this team will cost us a couple games; and if Miller goes down, I think you can bump that up to 3-4 losses, depending on how early he were to go down.

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Getting just a couple things off your mind huh Scarlet?

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Is this some sort of manifesto?

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PSU was returning 2 OL starters before the lost their LG due to injury. So they return 1  OL starter and have  almost zero bodies to fill those spots. They also lost their main offensive weapon in Allen Robinson who had 1500 yards receiving. This all from a team that only put up 14 points against one of the worst tOSU D's ever. I see no way in hell we lose that game. LJsr. has some bones to pick  with them and our whole staff now sees how big it is for recruiting against Franklin. I fully expect one of our better games to take place in Happy Valley.I don't think Urban even keeps it close. 42-10 tOSU

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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Great point and Robinson did himself a favor by leaving early. Kid's the real deal from what i saw last year.

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