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Malik Zaire

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April 12, 2014 at 5:43pm

Was reading on espn.com that Malik had a strong performance in ND spring game. Really wanted this kid a couple years back. Threw for 292 and two tubs. 

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People were questioning wither his body would be able to hold up while running this system in the B1G...Any idea of a current height/weight on him? I remember him being very good and we took Barrett over him and then Barrett blew out his knee and we stuck with him which is the admirable thing to do. Will be very interesting to compare their careers since it really was between those 2.

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If I remember correctly, Zaire wanted the commitable offer, but the staff wants to wait to see him throw. He didnt want to wait, and committed early to ND. I didnt have any issues with barrett today...once he settled down he had some nice throws. Did seem like he was trying to get Vannett killed though. Every time he there it to him, he got whacked.

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Barrett probably read the 900 articles about the TEs this spring and was anxious to get him the ball.

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Barrett with another year in the same system is going to be deadly,hopefully we keep Warriner and Herman around for next year.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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I liked both on film equally the same, but I was caught looking @ Malik's over and over. Nice lefty. Oh well he gone now wish nothing but the best for him. Rivals has him @ 6foot and 208 pounds.


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I'll always be a big fan fan of taking OHIO players with similar talent over OOS talent.

The lack of interest in locking down the state has me baffled after it took us so long to get there.

I know we have had top 10 recruiting classes the past 3 yrs, but I love seeing more of a Ohio Flavor in the roster.

Now! That don't mean stop recruiting EZE's or Raekwon's or Samuel's to the Buckeyes, but I feel like some on this coaching staff feel Ohio High School Football Talent is a "Dirty Word".

I know not all will have my opinion, and that's ok, but I'm a fan who roots for Ohio more than anything else. O-H-I-O !!

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Wish Malik the best, love to see Ohio kids doing well as long as it isnt against us.