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B1G Should have taken UCONN over Rutgers

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April 9, 2014 at 6:33am

Both teams really do not bring much when it comes to football, but at least UCONN is great at Basketball as these last two days have shown us. And as far as the NY media market is concerned, i seems like UCONN has more fans the Rutgers in that market. During the sweet16/elite 8 Madison Square Garden seemed like a home game for UCONN. Bad decision B1G.

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I agree that Rutgers is a disaster. That doesn't mean that UConn is a better option.

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Try watching this GIF 3-4 four times without yawning - nearly impossible - especially late at night.

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UConn isn't an AAU school. In other words, not happening. 

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Not to mention the whole APR issue they just went through. No way the Big Ten invites a team that has a glaring academic issue at the time they were expanding.

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While a Craft vs Napier(assuming they came in right away like Syracuse did) matchup would have intrigued me, I don't want to see the Lady Bucks get mauled twice a year.

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Seriously? Should have taken Missouri. Better fit geographically, academically, and football-wise. Historically, not too shabby at b-ball. Would have made the western division much stronger. I understand that it increases the revenue of the B1G Network to bring in MD and Rutgers, but it definitely doesn't do much for the "brand".

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Missouri wasn't an option. They got their feelings hurt when Nebraska was invited, so they went slumming down south.

As for Rutgers, historically they're about as bad as South Carolina was when the SEC came calling. Long term potential is more important than short term success. It's the same reason BSU will not get a sniff from a major conference.

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i agree that Missouri would have been a better fit than maryland, rutgers, or uconn, but I based my topic on the B1G wanting a NY team and what was the better option

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For the record you also based it on some flawed logic.

UConn having a lot of fans show up for Sweet 16/Elite 8 games <> having more support in NYC. Storrs is about a 2 1/2 hour drive away. If Ohio State played a Elite 8 game in Pittsburgh, how many fans do you think would show up? Would it mean Ohio State has better support in Pittsburgh than Pitt (or PSU)?

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I never got the NY, Maryland money argument. In the short term sure the B1G would make more money, but in the long term adding two more medicore schools justs widens the gap between the SEC and B1G. Like you said, the brand would be worth more with more competative football. 

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UConn's football team nearly upset a B1G juggernaut last season!  Oh, wait...

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Interesting discussing...I think Syracuse might have even been a better play than UConn.


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many thought Missouri was a poor addition for the SEC, especially compared to other options. Mizzou may not be as 'bad' of a choice as Rutgers, but who is to say the B1G won't help RU become stronger…look at Nebraska BBall… just give it a chance. If anything RU has a decent looking campus, it is the home of college football (first official game played there) so its got some other things going for it. Besides, it'd be fun to head to Guidoville for a Buckeye/RU football game. 

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I'm more for making the B1G a football conference than a B-ball conference...but thats just me.


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They weren't taken for sports appeal. Last I checked Uconn isn't in the AAU.

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