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Backup QB Race Settled

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April 1, 2014 at 7:27pm

Kind of surprised. Thought this one might go longer. 

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If Jones holds onto the #2 spot, it will be important, IMO, to find him a few quarters of play time, in the first few games, to get him some pressured, game speed pass attempts before conference play.  Braxton is the man, but he tends to be a "hurtin buckaroo" a few times a year.

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He's a big guy too, I think he can run it up the middle without much risk of injury.

Hovenaut's picture

I'm still somewhat skeptical of Twitter and Cardale Jones, but I have no issue if he does lock up the backup spot.

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I'm as much of a homer as anyone, but I like to think Cardale has turned his self around, and that he gets it now. (whatever it is) Like to think he'll be Kenny G only bigger and stronger.

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johnblairgobucks's picture

Kenny G into Cordale's body = Daunte Culpepper (the good years), I'd take it.

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Absolutely love it. I know I want a d Watson, or some flashy new car like t Gibson. But let's not discount what we have in garage. 6'5" 250lbs who can flat out run and has a good throwing motion. I'll take it. Not that I wouldn't have loved the other guys, buy who knows if they would have beat out CJ. 

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Cardale can obviously run, and has a good arm.  But how accurate is he?  Too bad we didn't get to see more of his throwing last year when he was in the game during garbage time.  I'm still wondering why he ran it every single play instead of getting some gametime throwing reps and experience under his belt.

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Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

From some of the stuff I've read, Jones isn't very accurate.  He can run and has a very strong arm but doesn't put the ball on the spot very well.  That will translate into a run heavy offense if he doesn't become more accurate.  

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Cardale would be our Jared Lorenzen 


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Hopefully the skinnier Lorenzen...

southbay's picture

I think Cardale will bring it.  

And I don't care what he tweeted back in 2012, can we all just give it a rest?

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Southbay - thank you for saying what most of us have been thinking for a very long time.

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We ain't come here to play TWITTER.

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It sounds like Barrett has a ways to go, which is fine. Barrett is the type of QB who takes more time to mature:

Herman said. "I tell J.T., 'You get paid (a scholarship) to make good decisions, get the ball out of your hand and be accurate. You're not gonna grow. Your arm this year is not going to get a whole lot stronger, at least not this year. Be on time, be accurate and be right with what you do with the football.'"

Chase Daniel redshirted, then threw for 347 yds, 1 TD, 2 INTs in mop up time as a redshirt frosh. He played well as a sophomore, but steadily improved every season. By his junior and senior seasons, he was the epitome what Herman is describing above.

In contrast, Cardale has the body and arm to make an immediate impact on offense:

Herman: "Cardale is 6-5 and 250 pounds and can throw it through that wall. 'Use some of that. Use the talents that you have while we develop the portions of your game that need to be developed.'"

Cardale can play a Tebow-esque role, i.e. the QB as battering ram FB in the read option, which would be a good complement to the likes of D Wilson, Samuel, Marshall, etc. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if Urbz rotates Cardale in for Braxton for a few plays per game just to throw a wrinkle at defenses and help limit Braxton's carries.

In other words, Cardale can help without necessarily having a full-grasp of the offense and/or throwing accuracy, while Barrett can help only after he has developed those qualities; hence, we'd expect Cardale to be ahead on the depth chart. If, by the fall, we're hearing that Barrett is challenging for the #2 spot, that'll be a sign that Barrett is halfway to becoming a witch, which would be very good news.

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Stay healthy Braxton. I hope Jones is only needed in back-up. First few games running the offense will tell. Good luck Cardale.

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I would love to see during those "weaker opponents", a 70/30 split, with brax taking the majority of the snaps, cardale being the 30%, and Barrett in for the mop up time, to me that seems ideal..you prevent any possible injuries to the star qb, it gives your backup some quality time in case something were to happen via the injury to your starter, and it also gives some minutes to your potential backup to keep him from getting rusty..just one mans opinion though..

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Cardale definitely seems like the QB version of Hyde. When its 4th and inches. I want him. I've been on the Cardale wagon since he first came here. I felt bad for him when Braxton took the reigns, and then it was expected Barrett was going to leap frog over him. That's just feels like a raw deal with his talent. I get it though, best man on the field. I'm just excited that we might get some opportunities to have a panzer tank of a player on the field.

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Far from over IMO. Spring practice isn't even halfway over. I think he meant the clear #2 as of right now

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This may sound bad, but it is a blessing in disguise that Braxton hasn't practiced this spring. Cardale is getting almost every 1st team rep, and those are valuable to a guy who has been the 3rd stringer the past couple of years. 


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All of this is largely meaningless.  Let's see who is running the 2's in August.  I don't care who it is, I just want them to be Guitonish (if that's a word).

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It's odd to me that people question whether Jones could be a viable QB if Braxton goes down because we haven't seen him throw in game action, yet they are willing to put Barrett in who has never played a snap of real college ball.  

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

That's because people get infatuated with shiny new toys. Same thing will happen with Gibson.

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Every September I see many of the big time college football teams trot out a new quarterback, often with little or no game experience, and usually they do just fine.  Same with our guys, if they were not up to the task they would not be here.  They are well coached and will be prepared when the time comes.

It even seems still a bit early to draw a lot of conclusions about who's throwing accurately, etc.  

I'm hoping the weather will be good for the Spring Game.  The winds really put a damper on throwing and kicking last year.

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Jones is freaking big; if he can develop his arm and run, he will be knocking LBs out of their socks.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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That's what I like about Cardale.  We saw how well Urban did with Tebow.  Well Cardale is bigger than Tebow, I'd venture a guess that he's faster than Tebow, and despite him being a good college QB it's not as if Tebow had a cannon arm.  Physically, Cardale seems to be the kind of QB Urban can win a title with.  

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