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Jalin Marshall

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March 19, 2014 at 5:21pm

Saw on Twitter from @BuckNutB that Jalin has injured his MCL and is most likely out for the rest of spring practice. I felt like it was beneficial that he get the most reps possible this spring going into fall camp. This sucks, hope he has a speedy recovery!

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Damn, I was really looking for him to push hard for playing time. Hope he has a speedy recovery!!



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You never like to see it but better in the spring than the fall

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Ugh, can we just get all the injuries out of the way now? That would be greeeaaaat.

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MCL's seem to be a problem on this team

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Meniscus, not MCL… two different things. Meniscus is a tear of the cartilage of the knee. MCL is a ligament tear. Meniscus tear is painful. I've torn both and had surgery on one. Quick lateral movement was difficult at best and fast starts and stops were even worse. The recovery after surgery is about three weeks, but I can't imagine, even if he's having the surgery as I type this, that it would be possible for him to participate anymore this spring. Rarely, although it's possible, but rarely does a torn meniscus heal on its own. Surgery is essentially the only option. He's had his injury issues to be certain. I hope for his sake he isn't an injury prone player… but it's sure looking like he could be. Frustrating.

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+1 to the resident expert

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So Jalin should be ready for the season?


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Yes. A meniscus tear is a pretty common injury in sports with quick bursts, lots of stopping and starting. Football, basketball, tennis… The surgery is pretty basic stuff. This should in no way have an impact on his football season. If you're gonna tear something in your knee the meniscus is the best option...