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Torrance Gibson Interview

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March 16, 2014 at 8:34pm


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That's a young man that his his shit together. Hope we can get him

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Let me stress that it is almost Paramount that we land Gibson or another top flight QB this year.We have very little depth at the position and last year signed a QB that most services ranked as like the 800th best player in the Country. Our superstar dual threat QB is graduating so a top ten type talented QB will have a chance to come in and compete from day 1. If we cant draw one of the best this year then when will we? I really like where we sit with Gibson but they dont play fair down south and shit can get silly in a heartbeat. Im not saying we are in panic mode but this isnt the year we want to settle on our 7th or 8th choice at QB the most important position on the field. Really wish Herman and Urban could pick up some steam on Kyler Murray.

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I wouldn't sleep on our QB depth.  TG will have to compete for the job no matter where he goes, and he still has to develop his pass game quite a bit before I can see him starting.

Buckeyes are serious about him playing QB, but I think a lot of schools that offered are blowing smoke up his butt.  Telling him what he wants to hear to get him to sign but they are actually expecting him to get beat for the QB job and ultimately move to WR.

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Michigan and Nuss are one of the teams blowing smoke up his ass just waiting to move him to WR. He will have to compete no doubt but with Clemson taking Deshaun Watson the #1 dual threat and tx a&m taking Kyle Allen the #1 QB overall you have to think out depth chart is more favorable then a lot of top programs. The staff wanting to take 2 QBs this class is all that needs to be said on how they view our QB depth.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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His voice reminds me of Russell Wilson

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I love me some R. Wil - he is the real deal here in the PNW.

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Would LOVE to add Torrance Gibson but I feel we should also push for his teammate Tavarus McFadden. The kid is a monster and will be a game changer on defense.

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I like sooo many others want TG. A long way to go yet, but we are trending good. I do like what the staff is doing this year and throwing offers to some great Qbs not just putting all the eggs in one basket.

besides TG I like  Kyler Murray, Drew Lock. I like Tommy Stevens as a 2nd!!! 

I wouldn't sleep on JT though. He was highly ranked as a #3 dual threat per 247. I like this kid a lot!

And though I am not as high on Collier, he could be one of those 3* guys who step up and hit a home run. 

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Per Mike Farrell, QB T Gibson has confirmed he will be heading out to Oklahoma on a visit during his spring break