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Heuerman's Broken Nose

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March 5, 2014 at 9:53pm

two other OSU sites report tight end Jeff Heuerman didn't practice Tuesday because of a broken nose suffered in the weight room recently.  

Does anyone know how that happened?

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All I know is that Bert and Saban have proposed a rule that OSU's weight room should be shut down because player safety.

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On a scale from Voldemort to Matta, how big is Heuerman's nose?


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Don't you dare forget about me


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Saw somewhere that it was a mishap playing tug of war.  Other team lost and the rope slipped back too quickly.  I'll see if I can find what I saw.

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Biddle is horrible.

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The 0 is silent.

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Unfortunately Ohio State won't be playing the Bobcats.

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Someone played "got your nose" and Huerman was mad and yanked it back. While doing so he acidentally put it back on too hard. Thus breaking his nose while the other team mates started making fun of Huerman continually telling him to quit hitting himself. Huerman is now having to see the team shrink for damage incurred. It was quite the traumatic event actually!

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Bosa envy

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