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Hyde got injured on his 1st run

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February 23, 2014 at 6:10pm

Its a shame Hyde got injured and wasn't able to compete at the combine after training so hard the last 5-6 weeks. I watched the coverage all day to see Hyde go thru the drills. I couldn't wait to see him run a great forty and blow everyone away with his speed but that didn't happen and it made me sick. It looked like he pulled his hamstring and ran a 4.62. He looked absolutely jacked and already had a 36" vertical, which usually equates to running a fast forty. Thought he'd have a great day and lockup a spot in the first round with a great performance. I hope he can get healthy enough for the march 7 pro day and show all his ability because he deserves to be a 1st round pick.

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how?  what did he injure?

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Sorry forgot to say, he pulled his hamstring.

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Hyde runs a 4.6 with a pulled hamstring. This is impressive. Once he runs the 4.4 at the pro day he'll be a 1st rounder for sure.

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Pulled up running the 40.  Sorry for the echo.  Both responded around same moment.

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Unrelated,  but Dri Archer from Kent State ran a 4.26.  Did Roby run yet?

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Was he wearing Adidas shoes?

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Wasn't shocked at all by that. Besides Ginn and Chris Johnson, Archer is easily the fastest player I've ever seen in pads. 

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I'm a student at Kent State, and half of people in attendance at the Flashes games came to see Archer return kicks. Haven't seen someone hit the hole and accelerate like that since Teddy Ginn was in the Scarlet and Gray.  

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Roby runs Tuesday, Shazier is supposed to run tomorrow but has said he may not run because of his own hammy injury. I watched all day as well hoping to watch Carlos show out and was disappointed to say the least. I hope he can perform at the pro day in a few weeks.

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DBs don't run until Tuesday.

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I suppose that's not bad for a 170lb man. I love that he beat Detard Robinson aka Jesus McArmpunt in the Florida state 100 meter.

It's good to see that a 2* MAC is at least graded to make a roster even if it's just a special teams or back up. This guy's kinda like Andrew Hawkins, with the Bengals, out of Toledo: no one really gave him a chance. He's similar size and speed to Archer. He didn't make a roster at first, but when given the chance, he makes plays.

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Hyde, like many others, looked like he didn't practice running from that starting position. It kills me how many fast guys lose time by coming out of the gate poorly. 

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Damn, that sucks. I was very curious about Hyde's time most of all. We know Roby is a burner. 

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Too Bad for El Guapo - shouldn't hurt his placement - IMO

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It looked like it happened at the end of his run, I don't think Hyde will break 4.5 but could be wrong... also, shocking that he only put up 19 on the bench press considering Archer (20 reps) and a lot of other smaller backs put up more.

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Bench is a really tricky drill to compare across the board. The length of the arms really has an effect, and as some of you know Clowney only had 21 reps. Another thing, is El Gaupo has extremely strong legs, which is something that is not measured, but as a power back is more important than upper body strength.

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kareemabduljacobb's picture

I know that, but it's still a little hard to believe he couldn't get more.  Dude's a beast, I thought he'd at least put up 25+ considering AP (although the beasts of beast) can reportedly put up 225 44x, I figured Hyde could do more.  But you're right, his lower body is where his strength is at which will prove to be better as a RB.

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considering AP (although the beasts of beast) can reportedly put up 225 44x, 

Zero percent chance of that. He declined to bench at the combine because of that collarbone injury, but the only bench press number I see from him on the net is a 345 max, which would probably give him around 17-19 reps.


I wasn't really shocked though that Hyde only got 19 since he's really not that chiseled up in his upper body, but it's not a great number. Means next to nothing though for the most part; if he put up < 15 then that would be pretty concerning. 

kareemabduljacobb's picture

I'm talking about now AP can put up 44 reps, not back then at the Combine.  He's a lot bigger now than he was when he entered the NFL.   I can't find the link I was looking at the other day that said 44, but all the ones I see now say 39.  Either way, that doubles Hyde's amount.  I suspect Hyde in a year or two with his body and strength continuing to grow should get to the upper 20's in his bench amount if he were to ever test it again though.

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I see those sites you're referring to that mention the 39 reps by Peterson but I'm still not buying that. And sorry man, I'm not trying to bust your balls or anything and I know it's totally off topic haha. But a 218-225 lb guy like Peterson isn't going to be throwing up 40+ reps of 225. Most guys that are 21-23 years old at the combine are pretty close to the max strength they'll ever have (especially with the training they receive) and you're not going to add that much strength without adding a ton of mass just because you're in a NFL strength and conditioning program.  


Guys throwing up 37+ reps are extremely rare and most of them are lineman. Hyde just probably isn't a great bench presser, but the bench press at the combine is mainly just to see what a guy's work ethic / endurance is like more than just someone's general strength. It can help show how much time someone has spent in the weight room. 



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I saw that he was working his hamstring with some kind of device prior to the run....I have no idea if it was bothering him before hand or not.  I still think he is the top RB on the board.


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Hyde still has the tOSU pro day. Many of these kids often do much better at the school pro day than they do at the combine.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Guap was so durable during the season, as well as most of last year. He deserves better than this...

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If Archer is Ginn Fast, then he is fast! Enuff said.


TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Two things:

1) As a track coach, I've become accustomed to guys feigning injury after a sub-par race or workout. I hate to say it, but watching the video, it looks like he might be faking it.

2) Hamstring injuries usually occur when the runner is at or close to full speed/stride length. That said, we can assume he was healthy for his first 10 yards at least. Hyde's 10 yard split was 1.65. That's going to hurt him. No one was expecting him to set the world on fire with his 40, but if his 10 yard split were solid, he'd make a solid between-the-tackles downfield runner. It wasn't. 1.65 is on the very low end for RBs (would have been third last at the combine last year), and is in the lower tier for LBs and DEs as well. Unless he bounces back with a huge Pro Day, Hyde might drop to the 3rd round.

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I can't say how far he'll fall. That all depends how much stock the NFL front offices place on the combine. He definitely didn't do anything to help himself. 

I don't think he was faking, though. He overextended on his step towards the finish line. A lot of guys get hurt doing that. It's a shame too because stretching that last step surely didn't help his time. 

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Not a chance he gets out of the second round and he should go in the 1st. Hope he gets healthy and runs a great forty at the pro day. With shaziers 42" vertical today and Roby's speed tomorrow, we should have 3 guys that are 1st round potential. The more that go early the better.

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Third round???  NO way, NO how.