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Defensive Substitution time limit

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February 12, 2014 at 6:25pm

Just saw on the twitters that the NCAA's version of the competition committee is considering a rule that would put in place a defensive substitution time limit, and a team would be penalized if they snap the ball before the play clock reaches 29 seconds......I'd say I'm surprised but frankly I'm not, the NCAA sucks

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Nicky doesn't like the spread/ up tempo + Nicky loses to up tempo Auburn + NCAA rule change to slow down up tempo offenses = there's some kid from an Indianapolis suburb tied up in Nicky's basement being held for ransom and having to play the unbeatable level of NES Battletoads over and over against Lane Kiffin until the rule change is implemented

Yeti's have feelings too.

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How about a commercial break in between plays? Eh? Eh? Dear God, I wish I could joke about it, but I'm afraid those days aren't too far away.

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How about a commercial break in between plays? Eh? Eh? Dear God, I wish I could joke about it, but I'm afraid those days aren't too far away.

The games on FOX are almost to that point already.

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This is absurd. The "tired defenders are at risk!" argument is complete bunk.

But if we're being mercenary about this silly proposal, it figures to help a team like Ohio State. The Buckeyes run a limited amount of "jet" tempo, so it would hurt the offense to a modest degree. On the other hand, they have one of the deepest DL in the country, plus a couple of NTs who could dominate on running downs. When the young and inexperienced but talented back 7 players get confused and flustered, it might help them to have a little slower tempo and an opportunity to sub in another player who has just had the staff in his ear.

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WHat if you are down points and really need to run hurry up to get back in the game? This is sickening. Im sure Bama and Bert fans are all clapping together with their cousin wives.

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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Change sometimes is not a good thing

What are they going to do in the last two minutes before halftime and at the end of the game - say those rules aren't in place. 

What about spiking the ball as your trying to kill the clock if your coming back from being 21 points down with four minutes to go and you need to keep a few extra seconds on the clock?

I'm only curious

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A few out there on Twitter said the proposed rule wouldn't apply to the last 2 minutes of the half, but that makes it  even more absurd. Many have asked how a team is supposed to handle being down 2 scores with 5 minutes left - this would make last season's targeting debacle look genius in comparison.

I want a fall Saturday in Ohio Stadium..

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Agreed - if anything comes of this than there will have to be some tweeking. Just because Nicky Saban would like the rule doesn't mean it's a good thing to put in place.

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Limit on cut blocking would do more to prevent injuries.

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Ridiculous. NCAA. Ridiculous. NCAA. Ridiculous. NCAA.

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Is anybody really surprised by this? Mark Emmert is still underneath Nicks desk doing what he does best.

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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This is such a sissy rule. A whiny "that's not fair" premise is behind it, (Nick and Bert).

The hurry-up offense is a very entertaining strategy and essential to football. It's up to the defenses to gameplan against it all week and try to stop it, not whine about how it's not fair.

The NCAA needs to quit over-legislating the greatest game on the planet.

I'm just happy to be here

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FYI, Mike Leach is an awesome interview....

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I never thought I'd side with RichRod, but I'm with him on this one.  Ridiculous.

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Ol' Nick can't mess with the up tempo offenses. He's crying and bitchy like Harbaugh back in the 80s trying to get that 'too much crowd' noise penalty enforced.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Washington State head coach Mike Leach went off on the proposed rule during a radio interview on WJOX in Birmingham, Alabama, and it was certainly entertaining to listen to.

"It's one of the most mind-numbingly dumb suggestions that I've ever heard and what makes this one even more reprehensible is the fact that it is so transparently self-serving," Leach said. And he was just warming up.

"It's a reaction to the success of Auburn and Texas A&M, clearly, so rather than innovate defensively and respond defensively... and rather than adapt our teams it's like we're gonna invent a rule," Leach said. "But in order to invent a rule you have to have a reason to invent a rule, so then they're going to try and hide behind player safety in order to do it." 

Leach went on to proposes three rules he felt would enhance player safety, obviously mocking the defense of player safety as a priority focus for the proposed rule. They were:

1. Don't allow defenses to blitz

2. A defense is never allowed to bring more players than an offense has to block

3. You are not allowed to hit the quarterback.

At one point during the end of the interview Leach said this defensive substitution rule proposed would rival the halo rule for absurdity, if it happens to pass. Leach doubts it will pass, and that seems to be a common feeling by coaches, media and fans. The support for this rule just does not appear to be coming from many places outside of Tuscaloosa.

Wow Mike Leach NAILED it.

Source: http://www.bloguin.com/crystalballrun/2014-articles/february/mike-leach-...

Our Honor Defend!

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Because of the coverage out here for the Cougars [ the local news was all over this story - so proud of the man for sticking up for what is right. 

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Looks like we're moving to full on "sarcastaball rules"

(I assume this image from the Sarcastaball episode is Brady Hoke getting doused in "Butters' Creamy Goo")

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How out of sync is this proposal? 

Everyone in football, at every level, wants to make games go faster and be more exciting.

This rule would reduce the game to the equivalent of watching hockey lines shift -- every minute of the game.


Next up -- we scrum instead of kick-off.

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It still strikes me as being funny that that whole reason behind the rule change is for player safety, but they're not going to enforce the rule in the closing 2 minutes of each half. I guess player safety isn't a concern when it's getting down to crunch time. I think the rule is laughable, but it's even more laughable how they're going about it. If you're going to cite player safety as the concern, you need to stick by your guns and keep player safety in the forefront. Not make it the concern in all but the final 2 minutes of each half when the majority of hurry up offense is implemented to begin with.

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Ok-State coach, Mike Gundy has had a lot to say



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On the ESPN this morning Gus Malzahn has pressed the NCAA to lay off the implementation for now. It's funny, in a separate rules change Nicky is petitioning for another major rules change - remove the defense's ability to return missed field goals within the last few seconds in a game - or allow the kicking team time to get their speed team on the field before the team can bring the ball out of the end zone. He also has his new lap dog Bielema on his junk about it. If I wasn't such a tech challenged person I'd link the clip where he is running down the sideline trying to get the ref to call PI after Brax hits Smith for the game winning TD at the crib a couple years ago. 




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I read this also....doesn't look likely to happen this year.  They are demanding convincing evidence to support the claim that injuries will be lessened.


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Since Bert was involved, I thought I would share this img that I found on another site:


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Pure gold.  And lol at "...(except Kansas)." in number 10.

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Nick Saban's philosophy

If pro sports are too hard... go back to college

If you stop winning in college...make them change the rules

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