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Malik McDowell Still NOT Signed

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February 10, 2014 at 1:58pm

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Be gentle though, we're all still trying to get used to this new format and where things are. It's easy to miss things

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CFT reporting that McDowell will visit Ohio State and FSU...

“I know he is open to taking some unofficials to Florida State and Ohio State,”Greg McDowell told the recruiting website. “We plan on doing some unofficials and see if he and his mom can resolve this. It’s possible she’ll be open to Michigan State as well, so we’ll have to see. …

“We plan on getting down to Florida State as soon as possible, and with Ohio State being a three-hour ride, we’ll drive over and sit down.”


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They're gonna drive over and sit down?  Why?  They just had an OV here a week ago.  This story makes less sense with every day that passes.  Best of luck, where  ever he chooses to go.  NOW, for the people that say 'I don't want him here because he doesn't really want to be here'. He could really like US and MSU----but they won out, for whatever reason.  That does NOT necessarily mean that he wouldn't like to be here, as well.  Two hot chicks, but one has that little something that puts her over the top.  You would still 'do' both of them. 

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Yeah, but this is less about the girl you 'do' & more about the girl you marry...

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As much as I'd love to see him in scarlet and gray, he deserves to go to school where he wants to go school.  Really feel bad for the kid.

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I'm getting tired of this story lol. His mom needs to shut up and let Malik be Malik. If he screws up he has no one to blame but himself at that point, I don't want him at tOSU...not because of talent,because of attitude. Its clear he wants to be a Spartan, he doesn't want to be here, I don't think we would get the same effort from him

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Sounds like even more twists are coming out as Malik's HS coach says him taking other visits now is untrue.




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Just watch...his high school coach will soon get an offer to be an assistant at MSU

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Save the drama for your Mama....  Oh, wait....

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Ruh row, Dantonio must have created an account on 11W. 

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One of the more interesting recruiting situations I've seen. Usually from what I've seen these get resolved pretty quickly. Poor kid, hope they find an amicable solution and fast.