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Love it! GReat way to get the team back on track after the shaky ending they had last season. 

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I like it.  Promotes accountability and gives people something to work for

Go Bucks!

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Ok, if Cleveland.com isn't paying you, they should be.


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I thought this was an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade thread and now I feel empty inside. 

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^ opened thread just to see Sebastian's profile pic. 

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You chose...wisely.

I want a fall Saturday in Ohio Stadium..

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And it didn't disappoint.

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It did not. We're all a bunch of slackers now with our profile pics. 

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It's Shannon Scott's team this year, I'm hoping to see him come out more confident and in charge. Go get 'em, Shannon!!

 - I think I've been an incredible example to my kids of what not to do. - Woody H(arrelson)

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I hope they play small (as much as possible anyway) and let Scott push the tempo. 

Glad to see Matta shaking things up. He mentioned a few times last year that "guys have to want it." I guess we'll see who wants it. 

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I love the new approach. I don't think it would be necessary every year but this one just feels like it is. Good on ya Thad.


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There is not a lot that can de-rail Thad and his motivation - Love it!!