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Final Four, National Champion, and Upset Picks

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March 17, 2014 at 2:24pm

I thought maybe some of you Buckeye folks would like to share your picks for the Final Four and maybe some insight to your big upsets.  I usually don't go this "chalk" but with $1 Billion on the line, I decided to stay inside the box this year.

My Final Four consists of Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, and Louisville with the Wildcats beating the Spartans for the title.

Some of my bigger upsets include 11 Seed Tennessee beating Duke and 7 Seed Oregon beating Wisconsin, both teams making the Elite Eight.

I don't see the Buckeyes beating the zone defense that Syracuse runs, as much as it pains me to say so.  However, I do like Harvard to upset Cincinnati and NC State to upset St. Louis.

So let me know what you guys and gals think.  And maybe just for fun, weigh in on this for me:

Warren Buffet was asked what he would do if someone had picked the first 62 games correctly and had a perfect bracket all the way up to the title game.  He said that he would invite this person to come watch the game with him and would be bartering the entire time, trying to buy them out.  This included a check for $250 million before the game even started.  Would you take it?


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Squirrel Master's picture

I would definitely take $250 million unless I had Florida winning it over a cinderella like Wofford. Then I think I would stay and go for the cool billion.

I'm not giving out my picks. sorry.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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Urban_Can_Recruit's picture

Ive got Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, and Duke with Zona over Sparty in the finals. Very close to what you have actually. 

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Man, I need to get on submitting a bracket to that. 250 million sounds terrific, but I think squirrel master has it right - it depends on who's playing in the final as to whether I'd take that "consolation" prize.

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray