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Next year's team

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March 16, 2014 at 1:00pm

Don't get me wrong, I love Craft, but I'm pretty excited to see what we can do without him and LSJ on the roster. That stretch against TTUN when Craft was out we saw some great things from Q, Shannon, and Slam T. Marc Loving also should see significant improvement by next year. 

That and the fact that we're bringing in a loaded class makes me really excited to see where the team will go next year. 

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Thad will add another big man and some shooters.  If Q comes back look out.

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I was thinking the starting 5 will be:

PG- Scott




C-A. Williams

With Loving, Bates-Diop, McDonald, ADV, and K. Williams coming off the bench. I think Tate will be redshirted because  of his surgery and Bell will be as well. 


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I'd rather have Ross at the 4 but makes sense.

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Yeah it was a toss up between Ross and Thompson at the 4 but I put Thompson there because of his blocking ability. It could go either way.


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This team needs a power forward.  I'd like to think Bell is ready and will play.  But if he's not ready then yes he should redshirt.  If only Trey had done that, he'd be a little better then he is perhaps, and he'd have another two years eligibility.

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That would be nice, but from what I read, Bell is very athletic but also very raw, with two big men on the roster, you gotta expect he'll redshirt. 


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I think we'll see Russell and Bates-Diop bring some much needed offense and that combined with a senior Q, Scott and Williams with also a sophomore Loving and sharpshooter Kam Williams and it is going to be insane

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Projected starters/Bench

PG: Scott/Russell(Russell could start at SG)

SG: Della Valle/K. Williams

SF: Thompson/Bates-Diop (Tate should redshirt)

PF: Ross/Loving (more of a SF but Ross needs a backup)(Bell should redshirt)

C: Turner (Hopefully)/Williams/McDonald


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So excited to see the development of next years class. Should be one of Matta's best.

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It will be interesting to see how the first round of the tourney shakes out.  I'm sure Matta will play the seniors as much as he can... as he should... but did he see enough in the B1G tourney from these younger guys to want to change it up?

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Ross is gone after this year. We will be just fine with Russell and Bates-Diop coming in with incredible scoring ability. Also, I think Kam Williams is gonna be a significant contributor. Next years team is gonna be completely different from this year. Those three guys alone are gonna be able to score a lot of points.

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I'm thinking Scott, Russell, Slam, Q, and Amir are the starters.  If Q leaves, then I think KBD or Loving could start.  I've lost hope that we land Turner.  Hopefully we bring in a nice 2015 class and could be serious contenders if we do.

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Any lineup that has Amir WIlliams as a starter is a lineup with a serious weakness in it. Im not sure I have ever seen a softer big man in my life. The guy has serious butterfingers,gets boxed out by 175 lbs PGs,and absolutely freezes up and turns into a statue at times. Maybe if he could gain about 40 lbs. of muscle in the off season he might be able to get to a respectable level but at this point he has serious mental and physical deficiencies. 

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This guy was not the best center in the NBA either - 7"8' and 187 pounds - somethings wrong with this picture.


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R.I.P. 'nute ... we had some good times, basement ball

I'm just happy to be here

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They have to move Mark Loving to the 3....he is too small to play the 4 and he looks lost everytime he tries to defend that position. He could be more versatile from the 3 as well. Hope Thad makes that move b/c the kid can play.

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I agree.  

Or maybe send him to Coach Mickey?

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