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Death to the "Grumble grumble Thad Matta grumble grumble" threads...

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March 14, 2014 at 5:30pm

can we officially put to rest that there's anything wrong with anything Thad Matta. Whether it be "why does this guy start over that one" or "Thad should try this line up" or "we need to recruit shooters". with our win over Nebraska this will make 6 straight Big Ten semifinals for us, that's right, 6. do you know how many Ohio State had made it to before thad? Three... That's right, three. that's in the history of the Big Ten tournament. The man knows what he's doing, he doesn't need you're suggestions. Sometimes I feel we are a bit spoiled as a fan base. We don't realize how good we have it, and when you have an up-and-down year like this one, it's easy to pin the blame on the coach, when sometimes the cold hard truth is it's the players fault. Thad can draw up the best place in the universe, and it won't matter if the players don't execute. today proved that when it matters he gets the job done, so if everyone could stop their whining about anything he does everytime we have a bad night, that would be just wonderful. Aaaand end rant...

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Rant on, my man.

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Matta has done enough that this win doesn't really change a thing in my opinion of him and I bet that's how a majority of us feel. The fact is this team is far from his best talent-wise but I have full faith that Matta will do his best to prepare them night in and night out and will also try to put them in the best position to win during gametime. He is a great coach and I'm proud to call him a Buckeye.

Football is complicated...

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Thad should try this lineup, 

PG - Amir Williams

SG - Trey McDonald

SF - Jake Lorbach

PF - Lenzelle Smith Jr. (he can rebound really well)

C - Andrew Goldstein

Matta doesn't know what he is doing...

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LMFAO at the thought of Amir at point

Football is complicated...

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Can Mark Titus be the assistant coach?

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Thad isn't the best coach in the country, and I'm fine with that. He is, however, damn good. The fact is, he's made a season like this a disappointment. Elevated expectations mean you're doing something right. 

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If anyone looks at the team we have right now and say's the season at this point is a disappointment is an idiot. Thad's gotten everything out of his team that he can. In the long run the only thing that matters is winning, no matter how ugly. I like this team for some reason and think we can make a pretty deep run in the tourney if we get a good draw (although you could say that for about every team in america at this point). I like that we have high expectations but the reality is we're going to have some ups and downs every once in a while. We need to learn that and not freak out every time the basketball bucks are down or lose a game or two. Football is another story.

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As of today, the Bucks have 25 wins, tsun has 24. I'll take that for a down season from a Matta coached team.

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We've been spoiled the last few years. 

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No, these threads will never end no matter what happens. Football, basketball, and any sport that a lot of people start following some people will think they know better than the people in charge and that someone should be fired because of that.

And anytime someone says this dude is an idiot or this dude should be fired 10 people will jump in to agree. And on and on.

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Exactly Pitt. So many "armchair quarterbacks". There are a lot of people out there working at McDonalds who think they can do the job of Buckeye (or any other team) Basketball or Football coach better than men who have dedicated their lives to coaching their sport truly makes me laugh.   

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OK, here is the REAL deal:

There is NOT a coach I would rather have than Thad Matta. Unlike football, I don't think you can put a coach's record under the microscope re: NCAA Titles. The NCAA tourney, in my mind, does not crown the best team- but the team that deals with the best matchups.

With that said, Thad has guided us to 5 straight 25+ win seasons, multiple B1G regular season & tourney titles, 1st round draft picks, and 2 Final-Fours.

If there is a better coach who hasn't won an NCAA championship, I would like to meet him.

Thad Matta is THE BEST coach for Ohio State. 

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

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I'd just like to get past talking about basketball coaches so we can get back to the important tasks at hand ....like demanding that Fickell be fired

Yeti's have feelings too.

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FWIW the first Big Ten tournament was in 1998. That means Ohio State reached the semis 3 out of 7 years before Thad arrived.

Even more impressive is that from 98-07 Ohio State made the finals twice, winning once (since vacated). During Thad's first 9 years the Buckeyes reached the finals 7 times & won 4 titles.

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Great coach. Great defense. This team is just hard to watch on offense. And this game has always been, and will always be about buckets.

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He's a great coach, has done wonders for the university, and I hope he stays another 10 years. 

However, I don't mind the criticism where warranted.  I struggle with his offensive acumen at times.  His Achilles heal seems to be the zone defense. This team in particular has gone on 5+ minute droughts and its hard to win when you do that consistently. That's just hard to swallow and not be critical of the coaching. Where are the outside shooters we should have been recruiting?  Why the sloppy sets around the perimeter?  I really think his love with Shannon Scott has hurt us here. There is only room for one Aaron Craft on the floor. 

OSU coaching hall of fame and possibly NCAA when his career is over?  Yes. Beyond legitimate criticism?  No. No one is. 

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I think Scott needs to play, which means he'll have to share the court with Craft some. When Scott is playing with energy, he reminds me of a spider. Would totally agree that they shouldn't have started together as long as they did.

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I understand what you're saying but unless he's shooting well Scott is a liability offensively. I love the kid and he is so athletic but he needs to be careful how much he shoots.