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New ESPN Bracketology - Buckeye Match-up

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March 10, 2014 at 12:46pm

ESPN has a new bracketology, with the buckeyes holding on to a 6-seed in the Midwest (better than the West as we've been slotted hypothetically the last few weeks).  The 6-3 match-up in the 3rd round (should be second round, but whatever) would be, in my opinion, a nightmare matchup for the buckeyes.  Syracuse in Buffalo.  Thad's team has really struggled this year against zones (struggle is the nicest way I could put it...), and I would be scared to death to see this Buckeye team go up against the Cuse zone (not like other Buckeye teams who handled it well).  Our lack of 3-point shooting skill in many games, coupled with the fact that in almost every loss we continue to shoot a ton of them, could be a horrible game to watch.

Obviously all hypothetical, but I saw that match-up and dreaded having to watch us shoot contested 3's after passing the ball around for 32 seconds of the shot clock.


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Playing Suracuse would be a disaster for sure. That first round Xavier matchup would be interesting too. The tourney is all about matchups. For example, I like our draw a lot more if you swap us with any of the other 6 seeds.

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If this holds true and if we can beat Syracuse (who knows?), I'd love to get revenge against UK and beat UC again.

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SI has us as a 5 in the West against the winner of Georgetown/Nebraska.  That would be more favorable of course

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I thought the committee tries to avoid intraconference matchups in the first two rounds

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OSU may struggle to score against Syracuse, but could Syracuse score against Ohio State?  The Cuse do tend to struggle at times offensively, and their two "engines" (Ennis and Fair) would be guarded by Craft and LSJ much of the game, I would imagine.  OSU would go in with a good plan against the zone, no doubt.

It's doubtful this will even end up being the actual matchup, but I wouldn't be so scared of Syracuse.  They've REALLY come back down to earth after scraping by for so long against some not so good teams, and finally losing several in a row.

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Agreed. Syracuse can be beaten with a solid game plan and solid execution of said plan. If Amir stays out of foul trouble, I like our odds. 

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I think Syracuse's 3-point game is what has earned them a ton of wins this year, and OSU has a great 3-point defense. Syracuse is not as good as they were two years ago when OSU beat them, but then again, neither is OSU. Amir did have a good night that night...

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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Ill be surprised if we make the sweet 16. Even if we somehow win the B1G tourney, our NCAA tourney matchup in the 2nd round won't be a favorable one. Suppose its more about taking the lesser beat down as I think Syracuse would embarrass us with the zone and their inside play. 

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I don't think the Buckeyes want Xavier in the first round, not exactly a good matchup. Stainbrook could tool Amir Williams around and Semaj Christon is an NBA level talent unlike anything the Buckeyes have. Those two, matched with Justin Martin getting hot could spell a lot of trouble for Ohio State. 

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Stainbrook has a knee injury right now and may not even be available in the tournament. He's their 3rd leading scorer and leading rebounder. If he is out, the experience/talent level drops off and there isn't much depth. They have a good young guy in Reynolds but I could see him getting in foul trouble easily. Agreed on Christon as I think he would be a tough guard but I'm confident in Craft guarding him personally. I honestly think this would be a good matchup for us.

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Ohio State would crush Xavier.

20 + points.


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Doesn't matter to me - We beat MSU - suck it sparty.

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With our struggles this year the team I want to avoid at all costs is UC. Secondly Dayton and then Xavier. Would not want to hear the backlash if UC pounded us living down here in the Cincy area. Plus I feel it could affect in state recruiting. Those in state teams play a little harder and have a chip on their shoulder when facing big brother because a lot more then bragging rights would be on the line.With our problems against the zone Cuse is probably one of the worst matchups we could get.

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I went to Dayton, so I would love for OSU to play UD...as long as the Buckeyes won of course, or else I'd be in the same position as you if UC won.

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