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Senior Day Pre-Game Ceremony Video

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March 9, 2014 at 9:00pm

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Ok so obviously that embed video didn't show up the way i hoped, but here's the direct link to the CPD article with the video of the entire ceremony.

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Much better thanks for posting - what a game to send the seniors out. AC is so classy 

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Let me know if anyone has a video of Trey McDonald's interview on the big board during pre-games about Craft and Zelle. It was hilarious.


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Thanks for posting this.  I'm glad they got to leave on a victory.

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Craft is the one player I would want in my fox hole. That kid is so tough. I still believe there is a place for him on an NBA. I believe he could be the type of player that could run the second unit and bring a sense of toughness to a NBA team. He is not a behavior problem, very smart, and brings a blue collar work ethic with him. The one problem would be his teammates, maybe, getting upset with him because he brings it in every practice and game. It would be that Rudy syndrome (Dial it down a bit. LOL).

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