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Buckeyes now 5th in the B1G Standings

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March 6, 2014 at 11:54pm

With Iowa's loss to Michigan State, Ohio State is now 5th in the standings according to ESPN (I assume that means we hold the tiebreaker.) We just need Nebraska to lose to Wisconsin on Saturday to be tied for 4th in the conference, does anybody know who has the tiebreaker between us and Nebraska?

Being the 4th seed in the Big Ten tournament is still very much a possibility, if not a probability, depending on who holds the tiebreaker between us and Nebraska.

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Nebraska losing to Wisconsin - quite likely.  And I read on another thread that we'd have the tiebreaker with Nebraska, by virtue of better record vs TTUN (0-1 > 0-2).  But would we need to beat Sparty or not to get that 4th seed?

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That's true, we do need to beat Sparty on Sunday for the 4th seed. For some reason though, I have blind faith in this team!

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Nebrasketball and Iowa lose out + we beat Sparty = 4 seed

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I have the scenarios posted here: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/ohio-state-basketball/2014/03/34063/...

As far as tiebreakers, we hold the head to head tie over Nebraska, but not over Iowa.  In the event of a 3-way tie, Iowa wins, we are next, then Nebraska.

As Patriot4098 mentioned, we can only get the 4 seed if Iowa loses to Illinois and if Nebraska loses to Wisconsin.  If 1 out of the 2 happens, we get the 5 seed.  But either way, if we don't beat MSU, we are 6th.  For me, this is the one year where not playing on Thursday is crucial for us, in my opinion.

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I'd actually disagree and say it would be good to play on Thursday.  This team is so streaky.

Yes, a loss to a low-seeded team would be devastating, but again this OSU team is so streaky that they almost need a game, or maybe two, where they can find their legs, find their shots, get accustomed to making good decisions throughout the game, and they can be on their way.  As a 5 or 6 seed, they'd play against Purdue, NW, Illinois, or PSU.  I'd like my chances there, even against PSU.

This team needs confidence.  IF they can pull off the win on Sunday, that's a great start.  Yet, even with a loss (slotting them as the 6th seed), I'd say they are in the best position as far as the bracket in the conference tournament.  They'd have a good shot to reel off a few wins in a row.

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Here's a rundown of all of the scenarios going into the final weekend:


If OSU wins AND both Iowa and Nebraska lose: 4th seed

If OSU wins AND only one of Iowa or Nebraska lose: 5th seed

If OSU loses OR both Iowa and Nebraska win: 6th seed

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I'd almost prefer the 6 seed.  11 seed then 3 seed sounds better than 12->4->1 or bye->5->1.  The 11 and 3 seeds provide two winnable-ish games.  At this point, we need to pile up wins.  I guess the 12/4 route wouldn't be bad either but we'd be stuck in Michigan's half of the bracket.