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A Bomb Is About To Drop On OSU

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August 16, 2014 at 4:08pm
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So over it. 

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Over/under on Michael V. Drake's reign in Columbus is about 5 more months.

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Not worried. Everything flys by so quickly now it'll be old news in no time. 

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Having worked in education technology on both sides I can tell you that nothing will come of this. Everyone in ed tech is interconnected in some way or another.

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You can't say "bomb" at an airport. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bombadie bomb.

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Edit -- Sorry didn't work
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I got you Seattle...

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It seems to me that the Jon Waters truthers are grasping for straws.

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Why is this a "bomb"? I don't see how this will even be a shotgun shell. Please elaborate. 

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A bit over-presumptuous with the title. OSU always seems to weather the storm – I'm not worried.

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You've been a member here for 3 minutes.  Just guessing: your website?

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As much as I want my reputation restored, I can't see anything substantial here. My quarrel is not with Drake anyway. He's just here to bring that money in for our hospital.

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Click bait title.

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Not even going to click on this link. Nice try.

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A little over dramatic title, isn't it?  Also, you posted the same thing in another thread, and your only comments on this site were made today all concerning the same thing.  If you want to participate, great, but we don't need to be manipulated to clicking on a blog post.  The members of this forum I've found are all pretty intelligent in their comments of all situations facing Ohio State, so if you want a serious discussion try not baiting us and then directing us to some hack website.

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Lets talk Football

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In my opinion, Waters was jobbed. I couldn't care less who directs the band, but I care tremendously about injustice and people being made scapegoats by the powers that be. I would bet that Waters sues the university and wins millions in a wrongful termination suit. I haven't heard anything in this process that would justify the sudden firing of this man. Nothing. In fact, he was given "glowing" reviews by his superiors as recently as June of this year, and many of those cited in the university's investigation as being "sexualized" and/or "demoralized" have publicly come forward to say that simply isn't true. A band member's mother became upset over decades old band traditions and a nickname given to her daughter. She certainly has the right to be bothered by anything that makes her daughter uncomfortable… but it baffles me why this parent simply didn't request a meeting with Waters and voice her concerns there. If that meeting happened I have yet to read about it. This entire incident has been poorly handled by Drake and the university, in my opinion. Waters seems to be paying an incredibly high price for Gordon Gee's having put his foot in his mouth on multiple occasions and the university now being über sensitive in the hope of avoiding another PR disaster. 

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don't care about who directs the band.  there is some bs floating around now that people are trying to force the band to accept woodwinds in the band and it won't be an all brass band anymore.  that would seriously infuriate me

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If there's one thing I hate, it's being coerced into taking somebody's bait for a click on their site just to up their own ego.

So, if there's anything of note in said link, somebody let me know and I'll check it out.  Until then, go suck an egg.  Or better yet, a wolverine's balls.

Not a Cereal Downvoter.  But I will downvote the Serial Trolls who lurk under our bridge.

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There's not, don't waste your time.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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Can we bring back downvoting forums?

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I really don't understand why this was removed. This post requires DVs.

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Listen, I think Jon got jobbed and want the band's reputation cleared as much as anyone, but nonsense like this makes us look like loons.

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Agreed. As a "Jon Waters Truther" he does appear to be a fall guy, but more likely to do with title ix. I commented on this link when it was posted earlier. A lot of conspiracy implied. Maybe true, maybe not, probably typical of any large organization. Not a bomb. As someone that struggles with titles, this title was way overblown. And I still stand by my original comment on this, yes it'd be embarrassing, if proven. I'll add to that: right or wrong this what I would expect goes on at every major university and/or corporation/government entity

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Umm...it's not my site. I registered for 11w weeks before this happened. I didn't realize no one here wanted to take their head out of the sand. I apologize. I understand it can be an earth-shattering experience and it's not for everybody.


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I didn't realize no one here wanted to take their head out of the sand.

Oh rly?

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I'm leaving it where it is.  No need to apologize.

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Please don't forget your tin hat, and wear a gas mask to avoid the chem-trails!

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Damn it 9Route (Insert other aliases here)!
Seriously, can't you find a new hobby?

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I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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The only Bomb being dropped....

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I saw this explained on a show of the top ten explosions. It was the number one explosion and it was in Mexico I believe.

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Was that a pre-season poll on explosions? Can't put much stock in that number one ranking if so. 

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I read through some of the content on that link. I stopped when Obama was mentioned. I'll consider one conspiracy. When you start tying them together, I realize you're wearing a tin foil hat. 

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I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.

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These are the words band geeks use to frighten us into thinking it's something important.......bomb....lol

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To quote the famous scholar, Austin Powers: "What does it all mean, Basil?"



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Any of the commenters who defend this despicable conduct by our Trustees must be on their payroll. If Governor Kasich didn't know about his conflicts, he sure does now (I cannot believe he did not know, but am giving him the benefit of the doubt, for now). When we as a society stop defending what is right, and instead excuse what is wrong, we are doomed. We Buckeyes are better than the goon-ish behavior we're seeing from this new Drake administration.

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Your post was misleading, I thought it had something to do with football, I could give a fiddlers fuck about this! dumb post brah

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