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Gene Smith Ca$he$ In

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March 25, 2014 at 5:42pm

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Yeah, this is a slippery slope.  For some reason, in my media influenced opinion, I can see a big bonus for an AD/Coaching Staff for winning a major sport title like football or basketball.  But for some reason this just doesn't sit right with me.  

Winning just one NCAA individual national title is an incredible feat of human athletic achievement, let alone three.  This just rubs me the wrong way. 

If I'm wrong, talk me out of this, fellow (former) wrestlers.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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I think it feels particularly icky because it's one persons individual accomplishment and Gene is getting rewarded for it.  I mean how much credit can he take for a single wrestler winning a title?  I can understand a bonus for the football team winning a title...that takes a LOT of things to go right before it can happen.

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It's a performance incentive, plain and simple.  The better Ohio State athletes do on the national stage, the better Ohio State athletics look as a whole.  Like it or not, Gene Smith is the head of Ohio State Athletics; like a head football coach is responsible for his team's performance (justly or unjustly), Smith is responsible for the performance of every facet of OSU's athletic department -- from Wrestling to Football Compliance.  Some sports are team-based, others are not; but every person that suits up for Ohio State is a Buckeye, and therefore is a part of Smith's sphere of influence.

Hell, I applaud him getting paid.  It's these same financial incentives that make him not content with mediocrity and drive him to hire better coaches (women's basketball) and drive investment in new facilities.  Tangible rewards are a powerful thing: why else would Urban Meyer have hooked up his undefeated squad with rings?

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It had to happen sometime.  After over two years in this glorious community, I finally double-posted.  

Mea culpa, my brothers and sisters, mea culpa.

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I'd pay Logan the $18k if he body slammed Gene. 

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Other than it would be a good shtick I am not sure why.  Our athletics department has never been stronger.  Gene is quite possibly the best AD in the country and is without a doubt in the top 5.

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I'm still a little hung up on "this is our head football coach" a few months before he caved to media pressure and made Tress the fall guy. 

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Fall guy?  It wasn't like Tress didn't knowingly conceal his knowledge of the violations -- no matter how noble his motives may have been.

Regardless of what Smith and the rest of the BOT knew, if anything (mind you, there's no evidence to suggest that anyone other than Tress and his tipster Cicero knew anything about the violations), Tressel made his own bed -- and the media's overreaction cemented his fate.  Smith and Gee didn't do him any favors with their horrid PR management, but I'm sure they were as dumbfounded as the rest of us were that the media turned it into such a witch hunt.

The only "fall guy" in the whole affair was DeVier Posey, whose massive suspension was wholly unwarranted (his "overpaid work" amounted to an extra $3.10) and completely ignored by OSU.  Smith and co. would've had more than a fighting chance to get it overturned, but they didn't want to push the NCAA after getting levied with the dreaded "Failure to Monitor" charge that would ultimately lead to the postseason ban.  Was it the right strategy for Ohio State?  Probably.  The right for Posey?  Hell no.

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Tress made his own bed, but at the same time, was the fall guy. There's no question. 

And what happened to Posey was criminal. He should have sued the NCAA. 

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Again, if he was the fall guy, we'd need to see proof of a cover-up somewhere along the lines.  If the AD knew about Rife and the tattoos, that's certainly a likely scenario.  But since nothing's ever come out suggesting that, it's speculation.  It's certainly plausible, but it's mere theory without hard fact.

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I like how this is a big deal that Smith is making just around $1 million -- the head football coach he hired is making upwards of four times that.  The money is there, and the coaches are making all of it.  

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I would love to make just one mill lol

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Does anyone know if Coach Ryan got a bonus for Stieber winning the title?  I think he had alot more to do with it than the AD.  I'm not opposed to the AD getting a performance bonus, I just hope Coach Ryan got a bigger bonus.