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Wisky's Joel Stave has the Yips?!

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September 3, 2014 at 10:38am

Per an article on Yahoo, Wisconsin's QB Joel Stave has been benched for having mental issues with the game. This is why he was not in the LSU game. Apparently, he "isn't mentally ready to play."

You have to wonder if the QB competition messed with his head too much.

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Sorry, no funny gif or pic to share. Just the first thing that I thought of.

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This man would not be impressed

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Quick someone show him Bauserman game footage.  He'll have his confidence back before the 3rd qtr starts.  

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Quick someone show him Tanner McEvoy game footage. He'll have his confidence back before the 3rd qtr starts.

McEvoy at the helm against LSU reminded me so much of Bauserman versus Nebraska in 2011.

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This sounds similar to what some catchers go through. They lose confidence in just getting the ball back to the pitcher by over analyzing their throwing motion, yet seemingly can throw out a runner with no problem (time issues cancel out the analyzing).  Over my years of coaching HS baseball we actually had this happen to two different catchers, although it appears Stave has a much more severe case of this.  The fix is to somehow stop the analyzing.  

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One of the more recent and well documented cases of the yips would have to be Chuck Knoblauch; all-star and mvp candidate while with the Twins, basket-case once the yips sat in as a Yankee.   Could not get the ball to 1st base from 2nd if his life depended on it. Never recovered and drove him to retirement while what should have been his prime years.

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Rick Ankiel had the same problem as a pitcher. Ended up becoming a reasonably decent outfielder instead.

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Yeah, I forgot about RA.  Perhaps the poster child for today's athletes with "the yips".  I'll give RA a ton of credit though, to make it as a MLB pitcher, then later as an MLB position player is incredibly impressive.

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Golfers know this feeling and how it can really screw with you.

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You have to applaud Anderson as a coach.  Sit your returning starter against a ranked SEC team.  Come out blazing to a 24-7 lead by running the ball down the Tigers throats (most rushing yards an LSU team had given up). Only to use the 4th quarter to test McEvoy's arm and work the clock.  Brilliant!

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You have just leveled up your sarcasm skill, sir. +1

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Where did he play high school ball and grow up?  I'm guessing he didn't play in a big time program, from a football hot bed in mega high school stadium that is sold out every Friday night and have local media discussing their every move, opponenet and practice in depth.

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No. Stave apprently went to Whitnall high school in Milwaukee. Student population of 950.

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That is Wisconsin in general. Moved to this area a few years back. Went to a High School football game I was excited to see some Friday Night Football. Growing up in Ohio it was pretty much the things to do on Friday is go watch High School Football. Went to Week 1 opener and it was empty and their Band wasn't even playing either. 

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DJ posted his take on this as well ....