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Nebraska's newest recruit

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August 1, 2014 at 10:35am

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He needs that cat to complete his look.

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I think I like Pelini. You hear people tear him down because of his temper and penchant for profain tirades. But he does stuff like this, the prank he played on his team last year and embracing the Faux Pelini cat schtick. He doesnt seem to take himself too seriously...and I dig that.

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I read somewhere recently that he is working on easing up on the sidelines, but is mild mannered in other environments. I like him, he seems like a pretty cool and self-aware cat. Yes, I said cat.

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He's a likable lunatic.  Once a Buckeye....

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Why isn't he wearing #48?

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He has loosened up quite a bit in the past year and as a result people are giving him more rope and not on his ass as much.  When you are a prick all the time, you better meet expectations.


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Pelini may be a rising star in the coaching ranks. He wears his heart on his sleeve and even though that's gotten him some bad pub it's also endearing. UN may be the competition, but I'd like to see them cement themselves as a national contender. He could be one more added to the list of all-time great coaches from Ohio. I'd also love to see them really start raiding the Texas recruiting cupboards just to rub it in their noses. 

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I think that is awesome. Imagine the Bucks in the locker room if Urban would emerge in full battle gear like that. That would be awesome. Guys would be going nuts.