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Dayton's New Logo Looks Like VD

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July 19, 2014 at 8:20am
Any thoughts?

Venereal Disease


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What was Gene Smith's budget, or bonus, to have that logo designed?

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That "D" is really "Fyin" now !! Becareful!!

"The Past Builds the Future"

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Alum of UD, Wright State, and OSU.  Hate it.  Where is the blue?  The V shaped thing a wing?  I think they are trying to combine the modern delta wing - V shape - with the biplane wing of the Wright Brothers - the white horizontal lines?  Modern, yet with tradition!

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I had to look up the old logocause I couldn't remember what it looked like. And yeah, I think they could have been a little more creative. 

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Agreed 100% Juice - the more I think about it - it looks like the marketing department put it together in about 20 minutes without a lot of thought. 

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looks a little like the previous Penguins logo with the 'wings', not sure about the odd shaped lettering of the 'D'

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Fitting that it looks like VD...

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I don't get it...???

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VD: you have to get "it" to get it.

High and tight boo boo

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Well played Gum - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha! I get the VD thing...I mean NOT that I got "it"...I just don't get the new

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and jump and shout

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Why couldn't they do the exact same thing, but put a U in there too?  Now they need penicillin.

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A lot of the students and alumni hate it, it's hilarious. Loved my time at UD; a wonderful four and a half years, but man I have just never liked the basketball program and now that they've got VD it's hilarious.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Here is their full get up.

I liked the older Dayton Flyers with the lines.

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They should have used that old logo on the bottom, and just add a wing or wings to it.

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Why does the D have a nose?

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Too much corporate. Not enough collegiate.

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Looks like they took a flier from the Philadelphia Flyers logo.

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Awaiting the VD test results
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On second look, I kinda like it now.  To TheShookster, how could you have gone to UD and not liked the basketball program?

That's UD's signature sport.

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Been here for five years now since moving from Columbus and still have no damn idea where the campus boundaries are. It does not look as though it is a very big campus or even close to it and the strip really has nothing on it and only about 3 blocks long.

But i do like it here in Dayton nice and quite at least where im at it is and lots of places to drop a line in the water and just relax.