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Great story regarding UM Football

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June 26, 2014 at 9:54am
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His first wish was to beat The Ohio State University, so they took his second one.

Well done UM...  That didn't feel right.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Great story ... thanks for posting. Classy move by UM.

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So he chose Kentucky? 

“I’m going to go with the Big Blue.”

Nonetheless, good story. Hope the best for the kid and well done for granting his wish.

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Giving crap to UM might just be the worlds biggest understatement but great story and well done blue.

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That is really cool what they did for that kid.  Of course they put the hats of TTUN's three big rivals on the table for the "announcement", haha.  Let's hope he stays in remission.

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And that's the first and last time you'll see "Great" and "UM Football" in the same headline in quite some time.

Nice story, though.

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Hard to hate Hoke when he does stuff like this. A mediocre coach, sure, but the guy is a class act.

Football is complicated...

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Damn it.  Why can't they be the assholes we all think they are 24/7.  Good for you (team that must not be named)

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A win over TTUN is one of the most important annual milestones I can think of!

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I would like to make a snide remark about Jake Long and Desmond Howard committing NCAA recruiting violations...but damn, I respect UM for what they did for this guy.  I hope he continues on his road to recovery.  

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