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Well that's disappointing that he will fall short of Clowney's rap sheet... he's on the team, so give him the fan support, that is our obligation to any newcomer.  Cleveland meet Johnny Manziel, like it or not, he is here to stay.  For how long?  That is yet to be seen, but as I stated before, he is here so make the best of it, shut your pie holes, and get onboard or change teams to Pittsburgh like all those other traders did in the 70's.

Living the life!  Go Buckeyes!


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Would have been nice if someone would have leaked this report to the freakin' Browns before they pulled the Boner of the Draft.

Go Bucks!

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

""""Does money sign with both hands"""""

I speak the truth but I guess that's a foreign language to yall.~~Lil Wayne

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I didn't want him to win in college just like I didn't want Brady Quinn to win either but now that he is on the Browns I will cheer for him all the way from Seattle. I really hope they don't rush him to start.

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I'd love to see the report on Aaron Hernandez.