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SEC scheduling changing in 2016

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April 28, 2014 at 10:11am

Found this interesting, per a Yahoo article, starting in 2016, SEC teams will play their 8 conference teams, as usual, BUT MUST schedule at least 1 team from BIG, Pac-Ten, Big 12, ACC, and or Notre Dame. Don't normally post anything about SEC, but found this interesting as a fan, because I would love to get some of these games scheduled with OSU in mind. What say you...

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Expect two things: more neutral site games in SEC country and the Purdues and Kansas' of the world to frequent SEC stadiums.

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I would love to see us play more SEC teams.  They saying is true "to be the best you have to play the best" and as of late according to public opinion they are a tougher conference.

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"to be the best you have to play the best"

That would apply to FSU at the moment.

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I'm very disappointed to see that they are sticking with the 8-game schedule, however.  I wasn't a fan of the expansion to 14 teams, but since they did, they should go to a 9-game schedule.

The power conference mandate is good, but won't really change much in the national eye.  Most of the teams, especially the top tier (Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, etc.) already schedule at least one team from power conferences every year while several (Florida, USCe, Georgia, etc) have their main rival from another conference.  This rule is aimed at the Mississippi States of the conference who struggle at times to become bowl eligible without 4 easy OOC games.  In that respect, you may see more Purdues and Indianas scheduled, but it would be an even match with respect to standings within the conference.

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Neutral site, away-home, doesn't matter to me, as long as they're scheduling "us", it's a win-win. Really disappointed when we had to nix the Georgia games. Would love to play Bama,LSU, Mizzou, Georgia, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Florida. Could you imagine the headlines going down to the "Swamp" with Urban Meyer as our head coach. Good lord!!


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Didn't realize this topic had been posted last night!! My bad!!