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Interesting Meet The Bag Man Story (SEC) from SB Nation

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April 10, 2014 at 1:38pm

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Hope this isn't the type of greeting Chris Clark gets from Auburn. Certainly not. They would never forward cash to a player that could, say, win the Heisman or help them win a title.

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Not gonna lie, I prefer bag-ladies.

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I prefer the ones that don't require bags.

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Just read this article. Interesting....

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Very interesting story.  Easy to imagine there would be those willing to do this in Columbus.  But I kind of think the culture is different enough that there are at least a few people around who would know about it, think it wrong, and make a call.  Of course minimizing the evidence is the key.  This explains why SEC-types just thought OSU was being stupid by self-reporting things with actual evidence trails.  To the extent it happens in Ohio I don't think it is condoned at all by our University or athletic staff, which is apparently very different than in the SEC.  

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You're nuts if you think this doesn't happen in Columbus. 

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Not just in Columbus, but in every major conference. There's very little in the overall picture of that article that struck me as unique to the SEC (or even to college football, to be honest).

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You're right on.

Chuck Agrees

have never been one to criticize the ugly financial underbelly of big time college sports, because I know that it is present at every institution that is successful on any level, at least in the revenue sports anyway. Oversigning is another issue...

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I would think this happens in Columbus, and in Ohio. Columbus is as large a college town as there is. I would imagine stuff like this happens in Michigan and Texas also, along with the SEC. The story even says these bagmen barely know the coaches, it made that clear. It's not like Saban, Miles, Meyer, Hoke, Strong or whomever meet with these guys. The stakes are probably higher in the SEC, no doubt, but other schools win recruiting battles also. I am sure that not every kid has there hand out.

Also, remember the guy from Cleveland who paid the players for the charity events, the guy who paid Clarett's cell phone bill from Youngstown, the guy who gave Troy Smith $500 from Springfield. TP had the mentor from PA, TP's whole recruiting saga had always made me wonder......yeah it happens to OSU players also.

Again, it isn't about would John Cooper, Jim Tressel or Urban Meyer would be behind it, I ask myself does OSU have a large and passionate enough fan base that fans would be tempted to do this.

As much ridicule as guys like Saban and Miles get, I don't think these coaches at power programs don't have to get their hands that dirty, they sit back in their offices and it takes care of itself.

To me, I would look at schools that seem to secure kids official visits. Obviously certain programs kids are going to want to visit more than also figure kids get approached on unofficial visits also, even in their hometowns.

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Didn't Ole Miss suddenly land like the top 2 players on NSD a few years back?  Lol...NCAA is so helpless to try and enforce their rules against this kind of stuff.

If recruits are paid for football, what must it be like for basketball?  A singer player can have a far greater impact on the basketball court than a football field.

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Don't miss the video interview at the bottom of the story either.

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I think this happens in all the major conferences, in both football and basketball. Cash is nearly impossible to follow.

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I'm curious to hear Birm, or anyone else close to recruits, weigh in on this. 

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Some of this is true amd some of it is trash, just like most "journalism"

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Heard about this type of thing a while back. I remember it involved a player that is heading to LSU and one of his top schools was Ohio State for a long time. Won't say the players name but kind of crazy to see an actual story now.

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My father in law's best friend played in the 50's for Notre Dame football. He took money under the table then to play for the Irish. 

Been going on for years and I personally don't think it's going to end anytime soon.

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[reads article]

[looks at Ohio State's recent recruiting classes]


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It seems that it is expected in SEC land, kind of like bribing government officials in South American countries-it is the way it is. They just are more sophisticated in their payoff ways.

Comments section was interesting-of course commenters insinuated OSU and Urban (and Tressel before him) are dirty dirty dirty since they pull big deal kids out of the South. Would not surprise me if there are bag men in the B1G and other big conferences, but not at the level of the SEC. Whatevs.  If someone wants to be paid, he will find those who will be willing to accommodate him.

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I enjoyed that article - thanks for posting.  It seems obvious to me that this kind of thing is also happening at Ohio State.  I mean ....Urbs and company are hauling in top 5 recruiting classes that include kids from all over the country.  There's no way those kids in the south are getting offered cash in hand, cars for family, paid not to take visits, jobs for family members, and all those other goodies ... and just say "no" so they can come to Ohio State and receive nothing in return. 

Yeti's have feelings too.

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It's stuff like this that kills me about the NCAA.  We all know this is common place in SEC country, and I'm sure it happens sometimes in other places.  Yet we get hammered for a kid selling his own possessions and signing his own name on a few balls.

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He says:

"The most common non-cash gifts to recruits are cars. In every major city inside the Southeastern Conference's footprint is a tangle of auto dealerships with varying ties to particular schools.

"Remember, your job as a bag man isn't to hide the benefit. It's to hide the proof. In a region as passionate about college football as the American South, there's no real moral outrage when new cars or clothes or jobs for relatives appear.

"We can only get away with whatever's considered reasonable by the majority of the folks in our society. That's why it's different in the SEC. Maybe that's why we're able to be more active in what we do. Because no one ever looks at the car or the jewelry and says, 'How did you get that, poor football player?' They say, 'How did they get you that and not get caught, poor football player?'"

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I vividly remember in 2003 going through the drive-thru at the Burger King on Olentangy River Road, and the vehicle in front of me in line was a gigantic black SUV (don't remember the brand), with a vanity license plate that read "MO HALL." Might have been him, might not have been. Might have been legit, might not have been. Nothing would surprise me.

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Ok, and Shabazz Napier says he goes to bed hungry

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