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Ricky Seals-Jones Arrested

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April 6, 2014 at 8:17pm

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If I remember right TAMU didn't offer him $600,000. He came out and said that there was another school out there that did approach him with that offer. Which the NCAA should then ask him which school it was but I guess they were too busy to worry about it.

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Thanks for correcting me.... If the NCAA did ask him could he have his eligibility taken away if he didn't tell them? That would be considered a cover-up, right?


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Those comments are the epitome of excusiology at it's finest. I have been married a long time and we have one in college and I know that some of those comments are either coming from people who attend the college or are fans of the team..............

Unbelievable how they totally disregard what happened.


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Honestly nothing really happened. This is about the same as the Bradley Roby arrest last year.

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From reading the story, it seems like he didn't even get into a fight. Personally I don't think what he did deserved being arrested.

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This is news! Charged for cursing at another person. I thought he got into a fight.

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It's a pretty ridiculous thing with which to be arrested and charged. I would fight that like crazy if I were him and it sounds like he's going to be (if the one person commenting is correct at least).

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The Green-Beckham issues are much more serious....hearing he may be done at Mizzou. Wasted Talent.

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..hearing he may be done at Mizzou.

I doubt that.

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Cops in College Station/ Bryan are freaking crazy. I was drunk and sitting on a sidewalk outside of Harry's, back in Oct '03, just minding my business waiting for the rest of my fire team to come outside, and they threatened to haul my ass to jail.

One of my boys did get busted for underage drinking, took off running and got tackled by a good samaritan of all things. Cops later got him. Had not got tackled, he would have gotten away. Northgate was packed and this dude could run 3 miles in like 16 minutes.

My buddy was pretty damn drunk; he slid the cuffs under his rear and legs, reached in his pocket, put a dip in his mouth and started spitting it on the floor of the cruiser. Cops didn't like it at all.

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