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The video that sparked my hatred for Beth Mowins

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August 25, 2014 at 12:13pm

Edit: Apparently this is not Beth Mowins haha. Still a cringeworthy video.

Hadn't really paid attention to commentators in the past, mostly because I don't have cable so I end up missing games or having to listen to 97.1 The Fan for commentary. But I watched this video of the NU game one day and just absolutely hated the voice-over. Wasn't until much later I found out it was none other than Beth Mowins Linda Cohn. This is literally the worst audio on a highlight video I've ever heard. 

If you don't want 4 minutes of Beth Linda, here are the points of interest:


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There's like a law of science, or something, that prevents me from clicking that vid...but you should provide fair warning for those brave souls who do.

*EDIT* - Nevermind, you went above and beyond.

Bless you.

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I should have gone to school the day they taught that law in science class. Damn I wish I hadn't listened to that. Awful announcing indeed.

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It would help if that was actually Beth Mowins... but it's not.

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It sounded a little higher pitched, but she talks so similarly. Apologies to Beth if not LOL. Do you know who it is?

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As REDCAN said, it's Linda Cohn.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” ~ Baba Dioum

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Own your mistakes don't make excuses

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Dude, that's Linda Cohn doing those highlights.. She's been a SportsCenter anchor for approximately 75 years. But yes, they are terrible.

Neverless, I can provide you with another 200 reasons to spark your hatred for Beth Mowins.

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I forgot how bad our secondary was last year until I saw that video.  I just got much more nervous for this weekend.  Hope Ash & Co. took care of business this off-season.

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wow, this post is an epic failure. big difference between a highlight read and the actual play-by-play commentary during the game.

I do agree that I'm not a fan of Beth Mowins, but mainly because she doesn't know who the players are she is talking about (Rod Jones, step on up!)

Have you watched sportscenter highlights right after the game finished? its a night game, so they probably rushed this into the 11pm SC show as soon as it was done (most likely a breaking news situation), so Linda Cohn was doing the best she could with the timeframe. She isn't great but none of those are. Basically the newscast has no idea what happened and are mostly reading what the staff gives them. Its always awful! Not really Linda Cohn's fault.

seems like you are searching for a way to bash on Beth Mowins for no reason. I doubt this was when you decided she was awful, and we all made that decision way before that game.

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You do realize that secretly people like it when you do a game so they can point out your "mishaps" later on.  As they say, if they didn't like you they wouldn't be talking about you.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Truly terrible announcing/recap.  There are times in that video in which Linda sounds like she is reading a bedtime story to children.

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Of course it is Linda Cohn.  Can't you tell by that awful nasal voice?   How can you be an announcer of any type and talk through your nose?  I see her on TV and turn the channel.  Listening to her is like nails on a chalkboard.   

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The best part of that game was the garbage td at the end that covered -9.5

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The reason you don't like Beth Mowins is that you don't like having a woman announce your burly super-manly sport. Mowins is fine.

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mowins sucks dude

there are a lot of male announcers many of us despise equally to mowins, so don't give us that PC garbage

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I never hear her over the radio.

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I don't care who is talking, I need to watch some Buckeye football!! It has been too long!

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