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Card games

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August 20, 2014 at 12:05am

Feel free to post some card games in this thread if you don't mind.  It seems we are playing the same games during our monthly poker nights. Thanks in advance!

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"Cut throat" is my favorite.

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Don't sleep on Native American Poker

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Fluxx, not poker but still a good game.


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Razz and hi/lo are fun games.

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follow the queen is always fun as is omaha

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I am big Omaha fan. Its very similar to Texas hold em but requires a little more thought.


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A lot harder to pin down what an opponent may be holding

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7 card stud.  Jacks or better, trips to win, once you get out you can't get back in.  Low spade in the hole splits the pot.

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Five card draw in this format is a doozy, too.

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Texas hold 'em is my favorite 


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3 3 9 is a burn type of game, similar to guts.  I played once with 3 of my uncles, we antied a quarter each, and the pot ended up over $80

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Not poker, but Euchre.  

/end thread

Seriously though, we played so much in college, we actually kept all the scores written on the wall of the house.  In the end, it was pretty even.

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Love euchre. Harder and harder to find people that know how to play, especially after moving away from Ohio.

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I get a little week in the knees when I find 3 other ppl in a house who know how to play.

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Word to that! Luckily I still have a smattering of friends that legitimately enjoy playing, so usually at least two people will be around that know how.

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+1 to any post pimping euchre.

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Not a new game, per se, but I've got a suggestion to make it a little more interesting.  Every time the deal goes around, have everyone throw in an ante (equivalent to the big blind).  Then pick a Trivial Pusuit card at random, and ask the question from the top category (as you continue playing, keep drawing new cards and asking the question from the next descending topic, e.g. card 1 - geography, card 2 - entertainment, etc.).  Everyone writes their answer down on a piece of paper and shares it out loud; after the answer is revealed, whoever was right splits the pot (or no one wins until only one person gets a question right, and then they win whatever its grown to).  It's a bit weird, but it's a nice change-of-pace for trivia nerds like me.  Hell, I won $40 one night because no one else knew what the second Mad Max movie was!

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Whoever those people you won $40 from were, you need to remove them from your life.

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Golf is a fun card game.  Euchre is a staple of midwestern culture, at least it used to be.  Hearts, spades, up and down the river are all fun games too.  

If you go away from standard playing cards, try Dutch Blitz, Uno, Skip-Bo, Cards Against Humanity are all pretty bad ass.  

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Tonk just don't remember how it's played.

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So here is a list of the games we play, if you want descriptions just ask as I'll be asking for some....I would have put more in the original post but it was 1am on my phone:

Screw Your Neighbor

7/27 hippie & non-hippie style

queens/kings/jacks and after

criss cross

triple shits

cabin 5

5 card draw and stud



butterfly/pussy lips

low/high chicago

low hold wild/7 card w & w/o option 

midnight baseball

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I love playing UNO ut no will play it because they get pissed off at me because i never lose and make people drawl all the time. LOL

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Fiery Cross (may be what you call Criss Cross)

Acey/Duecy (Between the sheets)

Kings and Little Ones

Chase the Ace


Omaha High/Low (Chicago low/high?)

Baseball (probably midnight baseball?)

Non-poker variation: Canasta

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I despise acey doucey, I only bet .$25 every time as I've been burned to the tune of $50-$75 on double payouts....what is chase the ace?  

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Pretty much showdown with the card appearing after an ace being wild. Wild can change up to four times obviously. Can do 5 cards or 7.

"Statistics are like bikinis....they reveal a lot but not everything" -- Lou Pinella

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