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Addition By Subtraction

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August 19, 2014 at 5:08pm

I'm totally not worried about the Buckeyes minus Braxton. If Luke Fickell has taught me anything, it's the Law of Addition By Subtraction (LABS, patent pending). It works for OSU and it works in life really.

Ryan Shazier leaves for the NFL? LABS

Your Heisman Hopeful goes down 1 week before the season? Ehhhh, LABS!

Your boss informs you they are downsizing and you are out? L to the ABS

Your wife leaves you? Your dog gets hit by a car? LABS LABS LABS.

So cheer up ladies and gentleman. Every thing that goes wrong for the Buckeyes just makes them that much stronger! Do yourself a favor and apply this Principle in every facet of your world and you will never have to worry again!

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LABS might work for my posts on 11W

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So you're dog gets hit by a car, you get a lab? What if you dog was a lab, do you labs after your last lab died? Is it even possible to do labs-on-labs? I think the world of labs would explode. 

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Can't forget the most famous OSU related addition by subtraction quote:

Kirk Herbstreit: I just think this is clearly something that has blown up the Ohio State program up a little bit. For me personally, I don’t know Terrelle Pryor as an individual, just watching him grow as a player on and off the field, I think all of us have said he has grown on the field. My problem has always been on his actions off the field, on the sidelines, kicking water bottles, frustrated, disgusted, just not being a great leader.

You wonder how much involvement he had in this, if he was the ringleader in this.

This is a selfish act by Pryor and the other players, in my opinions this is addition by subtraction for 2011. I heard you talking about this team, they are losing Cameron Heyward to graduation and now all of these players. What are they going to do here.

High and tight boo boo

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Hahahaha thanks buddy, I needed a laugh this week.

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