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Best Burger's on the strip?

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June 17, 2014 at 10:44am

IN & Out doesn't apply here so i'm going to stop you there, to think it's expanded into the SLC area is just amazing.   So far I have to say the best I've had was a delicious one at Toby Keith's restaurant in Harrah's, I'm going hard for 4 days so i'll need some fuel, pass me some suggestions.

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Little hole in the wall place I found the first time I wen't out there called BJ's Cocktail lounge on Tropicana ave. I ended three or four nights there since I've been back and its awesome. Dive type but the staff is smoking hot and scantily clad. Also has pretty good prices since its just off the strip a bit. Its within a stones throw of the MGM though so you aren't going too far away from the Strip. Look it up, good ass burger.

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Burger Bar at Mandalay, and the BLT Burger @ the Mirage are a couple good but differents.

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Dude you stole my Minion! 

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Great now I'm hungry - there goes the diet

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Burger Bar at Mandalay's for sure

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Burgr - Gordon Ramsay place in Planet Hollywood, best burger I've had in my life. Was just there a few weeks ago with my wife on our honeymoon, that's the only place we ate at twice.

There is an in-n-out by New York New York, but it's a little ways off the strip. Fatburger is close to MGM, it's decent. Twin Peaks, also in Planet Hollywood above Walgreen's, had a pretty good burger and scenery. Haha.

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I cosign this. Food was top notch and delicious but surprisingly cheap for a GR restaurant. 

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There's a company out there that places hundreds of people up and down the strip for the sole purpose handing out cards advertising a service to escort people around town.  Perhaps they'd be willing to show you to the nearest burger restaurant.  They seem really dedicated to their craft - I'm sure you can trust them.


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Custom Burger place in LVH.  It's small and usually a line for lunch (if there is a convention going on).  But damn good burger. 

Great fry selection too....just no sweet potato fries.

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Once again, I have to state In and Out is the biggest burger sham ever perpetrated on the this great country of ours. I have no idea if it's the fact that they were exclusively available in Cali for so long that added an air of mystique or what. Maybe everyone loved their t-shirts? The burgers are generic at best and the fries are horrible.

Everyone's local Mom and Pop establishment has better burgers than I&O. Smashburger has better burgers, Fat Burger has better burgers, etc, etc, etc.

I say this as a burger connoisseur and as a person that waited in a line of cars over two miles long when the first In and Out opened here in AZ. Total and complete letdown.

Animal style that.

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Maybe that AZ heat has gotten to you!  I kid, I kid....
I will agree Fat Burger is good.  But I respectfully disagree about In N Out.  For the dollar, it's the best burger out there. 
If you are in Tucson, check out Zinburger. 

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Hash Hash a Go Go - find it for brunch/ lunch.  I promise you wont be disappointed.  Theres one in the Rio and Caesars I think. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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When in Rome....When I'm doing something exciting and special like going to Vegas I cant find it in me to order a Burger when I usually grill some at least once or twice a week at home. I love to try new things and while yes that has left me disappointed before it has also helped me experience great new plates that I crave to this day. EAT MOR CHIKIN

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Obviously doesn't apply to the strip, but next time you're in NE Ohio stop by Swensons and get a Galley Boy. Probably my #1 favorite hamburger. Its the hidden gem of NE Ohio food-wise.


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THIS! As a former Golden Flash I made it there once a week - great call!

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Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar.  It's located in The Quad ( the old Imperial Palace).  The best burger I've ever had. No joke. 


PS. I love Las Vegas. 

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Thanks Melissa! I'm staying right by there.

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I never go on the strip anymore and my favorites are away from the strip. My non fast food favorite type burger joint is at LBS, located in Red Rock Casino. But here is an article on the 10 best in Vegas according to the author. Hope this helps:

BLT Burger
The brainchild of acclaimed chef Laurent Tourondel, BLT Burger’s menu options include lamb tandoori, veggie falafels, and turkey burgers. After the savory sides and 100 percent-certified Angus beef burgers, indulge in signature desserts such as Krispy Kreme doughnut bread pudding with rum raisin ice cream. The Mirage Hotel & Casino, 702-792-7888

Bottles & Burgers
Kick back at this 1950s-inspired burger joint with an old-fashioned ice cream bar and soda fountain, the newest venture from the Double Helix Wine & Restaurant Group. Sink your teeth into a classic burger, paired with a handmade shake or malt. Tivoli Village, 702-431-5453

Burger Bar
For posh diners eager to satisfy their inner carnivore, Hubert Keller’s “ultimate burger experience” offers the Rossini—a succulent fusion of Kobe beef, sautéed foie gras, and shaved truffles. For dessert? A cheesecake burger on a glazed doughnut bun, of course. The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, 702-632-9364;

Five Guys

With more than 250,000 possible ways to order a burger, it’s no wonder this casual joint has fans lining up out the doors. The East Coast favorite’s endless list of free toppings includes classic A.1. Steak Sauce and jalapeño peppers. Three locations;

Holsteins Shakes and Buns
The food at Holsteins brings a homegrown flavor to Las Vegas with its organic, eclectic menu, packed with natural, homemade snacks and “bam-boozled” alcoholic shakes (try the Drunken Monkey). Make the Gold Standard your first pick for its delicious fusion of dry-aged beef sirloin, smoked bacon, and aged goat cheddar cheese. The Cosmopolitan, 702-698- 7940

I Love Burgers
Foodies with a soft spot for anything involving burger buns, cheese, and everything inbetween can’t go wrong at I Love Burgers. Enjoy the alcoholic milkshakes or the popular I Love Bacon, a blend of ground sirloin and applewood-smoked bacon topped with smoked Gouda. The Shoppes at The Palazzo, 702-242-2747; Town Square, 702-675-7800

In-N-Out Burger

This family-owned West Coast burger joint long ago reached cult status. Simple and fresh, it boasts only a handful of menu items, such as hand-cut French fries and real ice cream milkshakes. Go for the off-the-menu favorite Animal Style, a worth-it mess of secret sauce, cheese, and grilled onions. 10 locations;

KGB: Kerry’s Gourmet Burgers
Celebrity chef Kerry Simon is known for his rock ’n’ roll flair, and KGB is no exception. Choose from masterpieces both kitschy (Thanksgiving Turkey Burger) and creative (the Burger Cobb salad). And don’t miss the sweet potato tots and waffle-fry nachos. Harrah’s Las Vegas, 702-369- 5065

With a roadhouse-chic rustic interior, this cozy spot has the look of a Texas saloon and a wide selection of American fare. We recommend The Perfect Burger, with its delectable fusion of Gruyere cheese, herb mayo, smoked bacon, and exclusive LBS burger sauce. Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, 702-835-9393

Le Burger Brasserie
Le Burger Brasserie is a French interpretation of an American classic. Its signature dish, a sirloin masterpiece at $777, is a mouthwatering burger made from Kobe beef and Maine lobster topped with caramelized onions, imported Brie, crispy prosciutto, and aged balsamic vinegar served with a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne. Paris Las Vegas, 702-946-4346



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Yeti's have feelings too.

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Jesus H Bonnie..I see what I would like to have in my mouth and it's about a centimeter below that burger on the left.

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