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Sobering Images Show Famous World War I Battle Sites A Century Later

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May 26, 2014 at 5:06pm

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Very interesting, thanks for posting the link.

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Awesome. Thanks. World War I is very interesting.

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Good read, one of my bucket list items is to visit some of WWI's battlefields.

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I love history, thanks for posting.   Wow, stunning.

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"Retreat? Hell, we just got here." -Capt. Lloyd Williams, USMC


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Straight lines not allowed. Once zeroed they can be rolled up.


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Incredible stuff. 

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At one point, 10,000 men were killed in an instant when the British detonated 19 mines under German lines.

I had to read that twice. 10,000 men in an instant.

Thanks for sharing that. With this being 100 years from that hot summer, there should be a lot of good WWI stuff coming out.

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Check out The World Wars, debuting on History Channel tonight.  3-part series:


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So far I've been massively disappointed by it. Absolute trash put out by the History Channel. One thing I despise about Wilson (and the propagandized bullshit of American history textbooks) is the view that he was a peace-seeking individual, that wished to avoid conflict, which is utter horseshit. The guy had no problem ordering the occupation of Haiti, where we killed 2,000 Haitians.

I was really hoping for more fact-based material from the History Channel, but so far it's been a bunch of dramatized, Disney-esque trash, with all of the dramatizations of Hitler, Mussolini, and the Paris Peace Conference being absolute garbage. 

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Glad I trusted my gut then. When I saw the ads for it, I was immediately disappointed. This is something the History Channel would have knocked out of the park 10 years ago. Instead, the history channel of today is more concerned with reality TV so actual history is going to get bastardized. This could have been one of the greatest topics\pieces they've ever done, focusing on several of the most influential people of the 20th century. Really happy to hear it sucked as much as I thought it would.....

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Agreed, very disappointing, I thought it would be more actual footage and narrations, not actors.

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It was even worse tonight. History Channel couldn't even get their dramatizations right. They showed Germans using Enfields, Brits using Mausers and Italians using MP-40s. I was waiting for them to show the Japanese flying B-29s and the Americans Me-262s. What an absolute joke. The History Channel has become an utter farce. 

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Great call, that was very interesting.  Learned several knew things after watching it. 

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The one interesting thing at the very beginning as to why Hitler wore the small mustache. He couldn't get his mask over his full stache while fighting. Also the British soldier who could've killed him.

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Wow. Very intriguing. Thanks for posting

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