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Mock Draft

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May 3, 2014 at 6:29pm

So I'm sitting around on my computer yelling at the screen after reading another mock draft that has the Browns mindlessly slobbering over Johnny D-bag and I had a brilliant idea. A competition amongst my OSU brethren and fellow couch GM's everywhere. Everyone list your expert first round mock draft here and whoever hits the most picks correct wins upvotes! Every pick can be worth one point and a correct trade prediction can be worth another.

I'll start us off by going: #1 - Tex - J. Clowney, #2 - TRADE - Atl - K. Mack, #3 - Jax - S. Watkins, #4 - Cle - M. Evans #5 - Oak - G. Robinson #6 - Stl - J. Matthews, #7 - TB - J. Foozbaw, #8 - Min - B. Bortles, #9 - Buf - T. Lewan, #10 - Det - J. Gilbert, #11 - TRADE - Dal - A. Donald, #12 - NYG - Z. Martin, #13 -  Stl - H. Clinton-Dix, #14 - Chi - C.J. Mosley, #15 - Pit - D. Denard, #16 - Ten - A. Barr, #17 - Bal - C. Pryor, #18 - NYJ - E. Ebron #19 - TRADE - SF - O. Beckham Jr, #20 - Ari - K. Fuller, #21 - GB - RDS Baby! #22 - Phi - B. Cooks, #23 - KC - J. Ward, #24 - Cin - B. Roby, #25 - SD - L. Nix, #26 - Cle - M. Moses, #27 - NO - D. Ford, #28 - Car - M. Lee, #29 - TRADE - Cle - D. Carr, #30 - Mia - X. Su'a Filo, #31 - Den - K. Van Noy, #32 - Sea - J. Bitonio. 

And there you have it! Mark it down

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HattanBuck85's picture

1. Texas: J. Clowney, DE

2. St. Louis: G. Robinson, OL

3. Jacksonville: K. Mack, LB

4. Cleveland: S. Watkins, WR

5. Oakland: J. Manziel, QB

6. Atlanta: J. Matthews, OL

7. Tampa Bay: M. Evans, WR

8. Minnesota: B. Bortles, QB

9. Buffalo: T. Lewan, OL

10. Detroit: H. Clinton-Dix, S

11. Tennessee: J. Gilbert, CB

12. NY Giants: E. Ebron, TE

13. St. Louis: C. Mosely, LB

14. Chicago: C. Pryor, S

15. Pittsburgh: D. Dennard, CB

16. Dallas: A. Donald, DT

17. Baltimore: K. Fuller, CB

18. NY Jets: O. Beckham, WR

19. Miami: Z. Martin, OL

20. Arizona: K. Ealy, DE

21. Green Bay: R. Shazier, LB

22. Philadelphia: B. Cooks, WR

23. Kansas City: M. Lee, WR

24. Cincinnati: B. Roby, CB

25. San Diego: J. Verrett. CB

26. Cleveland: T. Bridgewater, QB

27. New Orleans: C. Latimer, WR

28. Carolina: D. Adams, WR

29. New England: R. Hageman, DT

30. San Francisco: J. Matthews, WR

31. Denver: X. Su'a- Filo, OG

32. Denver: M. Moses, OL

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

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1. Texas: DE Jadaveon Clowney, South Carolina

2. St. Louis: OL Greg Robinson, Auburn

3. Jacksonville: WR Sammy Watkins, Clemson

4. Cleveland: QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

5. Oakland: LB Khalil Mack, Buffalo

6. Atlanta: OL Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

7. Tampa Bay: WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M

8. Minnesota: QB Blake Bortles, UCF

9. Buffalo: TE Eric Ebron, UNC

10. Detroit: CB Darquez Dennard, Michigan State

11. Tennessee: LB Anthony Barr, UCLA

12. NY Giants: LB CJ Mosely, Bama

13. St. Louis: OT Zach Martin, Notre Dame

14. Chicago: DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

15. Pittsburgh: CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

16. Dallas: S Lol Clinton-DIx, Bama

17. Baltimore: S Calvin Pryor, UL

18. NY Jets: WR Odell Beckham Jr., LSU

19. Miami: OL Taylor Lewan, 42-41

20. Arizona: QB Teddy Bridgewater, UL

21. Green Bay: LB Ryan Shazier, THE

22. Philadelphia: WR Marquise Lee, USC

23. Kansas City: WR Cody Lattimore, Indiana

24. Cincinnati:CB Bradley Roby, THE

25. San Diego: CB Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech

26. Cleveland: RB Carlos Hyde, THE

27. New Orleans: LB Demarcus Lawrence, Boise State

28. Carolina: WR Brandon Cooks, Oregon State

29. New England- TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins, U-Dub

30. San Francisco: LB Dee Ford, Auburn

31. Denver: OL Morgan Moses, Virginia

32. Seattle: DL Timmy Jernigan, FSU

A total of 5 OSU players drafted in the first round



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i both hate and love this....please god no johnny manziel, but Hyde would be awesome

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Alright, I'll be the first to admit I've ripped on Bass when he troll's. I've even given him the occasional DV for some of his lamer attempts. But why the hell does he have so many down votes for his opinion of a mock? Nothing about his post is unreasonable, and I actually like the comment about 5 OSU players (Includes OK st and Org st). Its fairly clever. People need to stop hating just for the sake of hating...

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Falcons won't trade up unless Clowney is there. So if he isn't taken #1 then expect them to trade up. If he is they will sit at their spot and either trade back or select best available. 

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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Danify's picture

1. Houston: Clowney, DE - South Carolina

2. St. Louis: Matthews, OL - Texas A&M

3. Jacksonville: Manziel, QB - Texas A&M

4. Cleveland: Watkins, WR - Clemson

5. Oakland: Mack, LB - Buffalo

6. Atlanta: Robinson, OL - Auburn

7. Tampa Bay: Evans, WR - Texas A&M

8. Minnesota: Carr, QB - Fresno St.

9. Buffalo: Ebron, TE - North Carolina

10. Detroit: Dennard, CB - Michigan St.

11. Tennessee: Gilbert, CB - Oklahoma State

12. New York (Giants): Lewan, OL - Michigan

13. St. Louis: Clinton-Dix, S - Alabama

14. Chicago: Aaron Donald, DT - Pittsburgh

15. Pittsburgh: Beckham Jr., WR - LSU

16. Dallas: Barr, LB - UCLA

17. Baltimore: Pryor, S - Louisville

18. New York (Jets): Cooks, WR - Oregon St.

19. Miami: Kouandjio, OL - Alabama

20. Arizona: Bortles, QB - UCF

21. Green Bay: Mosley, LB - Alabama

22. Philadelphia: Latimer, WR - Indiana

23. Kansas City: Lee, WR - USC

24. Cincinnati: Roby, CB - Ohio State

25. San Diego: Fuller, CB - Virginia Tech

26. Cleveland: Bridgewater, QB - Louisville

27. New Orleans: Ealy, DL - Missouri

28. Carolina: Martin, OL - Notre Dame

29. New England: Amaro, TE - Texas Tech

30. San Francisco: Benjamin, WR - Florida St.

31. Denver: Shazier, LB - Ohio State

32. Seattle: Su'a-Filo, G - UCLA

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BassDropper's picture

Judging by this board, Roby is a virtual lock to the Bengals.


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Danify's picture

Bengals have been known to take Ohio State and Big Ten players alot. I believe that's why the majority of us think it's Roby to Bengals. 

Crumb's picture

I know it's probably not a first round pick for either team but I'd be thrilled if El Guapo stayed in Ohio.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Danify's picture

Would love for the Browns to take him @ 35.

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irishfury's picture

No way Lions touch a tackle in first round.  We have Reiff and Wattle who where great last year.

DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

Who has the Lions taking a tackle? There are two picks for Dennard, one for Clinton-Dix, and I have them taking Gilbert.

jaxbuckeye's picture

Wow, what's with the vitriol?  Did Johnny Football kill someone?  Considering all the tOSU players that have either broken NCAA rules or had scrapes with the law (and I am assuming you are still a fan of all those players), it's rather hypocritical.  The guy is a star QB in college.  I imagine many of us would struggle even more with that limelight.  Nothing he's done is even worse than shoplifting crab legs.  Relax man.  I would love for the Browns to get him.  You can't teach "winner".  BTW, before anyone points out that he hasn't won the NC, had they had a defense, he might have.


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DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

Ehh, I played football in college, I know guys like Johnny Football. Guys who go out partying the night before a game, and flash "give me the money" gestures to opponents during it. People who try to defend them call it swagger... I call it being a tool, but that's not why I dont want him at 4. I dont want him because his game doesn't translate to the NFL. Yes he has a good arm, but he doesn't know how to use it. He throws across his body too much (a cardinal sin in the NFL), and often needed his receivers to bail him out of bad throws. His "swagger" has him believing in his arm too much and it often leads to him throwing caution to the wind and trying to fit balls into nonexistant windows. He is too quick to leave the pocket and too small to take the pounding he will receive when he does. In the NFL he will get hurt unless he changes his style of play, but if he changes his style of play, isnt he changing what makes him "Johnny Football"? All the analysts applaud him for his Favre-esc gun-slinger mentality, and his ability to improvise, and then use their next breath to say how much he'll have to change his game. I don't think you can take a guy like that in the top 20 picks, let alone at 4, no matter how much excitement or intrigue he brings to your team. Excitement and intrigue has never won anyone a football game. I'd rather wait it out and take Bridgewater (a much more sound mechanical passer, with a smaller arm but much better accuracy), or Carr (same arm with better patience, and no need to revamp his style of play) at 26, where both should still be available. Some other team can take him and his entire flock of paparazzi, and I'll gladly watch him flame out in style from my comfy living room couch. 

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William's picture

His game translates fine. He had a higher completion percentage than Carr or Bortles, and the dude had 4 receivers with at least 50 receptions, Bridgewater and Bortles didn't have that kind of distribution, and Derek Carr had the lowest completion percentage of the Big 4 QBs when under pressure. Also have you seen Teddy Bridgewater's build? That dude has legs that are skinnier than pencils, I don't know how you can take away from Manziel by saying he can't take a hit, but then try to validate Bridgewater. Really, I think they both can take a hit, because they did it throughout college. Manziel's game translates, people just don't like him because they're uptight and they don't like seeing some cocky, mouthy kid kick ass. Also, a guy that completes 69.9% of his throws doesn't do it by getting bailed out by his receivers....The QB that won the Super Bowl this year was told he was too small to make it, worked out pretty well for him. 

DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

I think a lot of the numbers comparisons are hard to look at due to the different teams. Carr was throwing to Adams and a bunch of receivers that will never make an NFL roster, and he was throwing behind a line make up mostly of dust and lumpy potatoes. Not that that is an excuse, but it you put him behind Matthews and Jockel and let him throw to Evans and Co, I think you see him put up better numbers, simply because Carr has displayed better patience while under even more pressure. I'll admit I don't know a lot about L'ville's receivers, but I know none of them are worth a second day pick, so I cant imaging they are much better then Fresno's. I like Teddy B because I feel he consistently made his average receivers look good, instead of having very good receivers making him look better than he really is (Manziel). The other thing I like about Bridgewater is that, while he ran, he used his legs as a secondary option. Scanning the entire field and going through his whole progression before scrambling. Johnny has a tendency to use his legs first, even when staying in the pocket and finding an open receiver would be better. But why shouldnt he? Thats what makes him exciting. Its just going to get him killed in the NFL. If Teddy ran as much as Johnny I would have worries about him too, but he doesnt. His game is better suited for sitting in the pocket and only running when he has to. Bridgewater and Manziel are not the same type of QB, so I dont pretend they are. 

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jamesrbrown322's picture

Having watched him quite a bit, a majority of Manziel's biggest plays were a result of either busted coverage, or more often, Manziel throwing into a crowd and his wideouts bailing him out. We'll see this evidenced in the NFL when Manziel has a mediocre career and Mike Evans goes to multiple Pro Bowls. 

Here's hoping the Browns pass on Manziel, and either look elsewhere for a QB, or tank like hell and get Hundley next year.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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DefenceWinsChampionships's picture

I agree with your main point, but I hate it when people say "I hope we tank for player X". Two years ago everyone needed to "tank" for Matt Barkley, last year it was Bridgewater who was going to be the sure fire #1 pick... Saying we need to tank for someone a year in advance is very short-sighted. Like Barkley and Bridgewater, I fully expect one, if not both, of Hundley and Mariota to fall spectacularly into round two or three, while the lasted QB craze sky-rockets up boards for all the wrong reasons.

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Small hands and a recklessness with the football should have people worried about Manziel. He isn't a bad thrower at all but  he carries the ball on the move (which he does too much) like its a loaf of bread. He isn't an elite level athlete who can continuously make people at the NFL level miss en route to a big throw down field or big run away from NFL speed. He's not a bad prospect but he'll get picked in the top 5 because he's a QB-and that isn't a spot you take projects that need work-and he does. His 'antics' won't make him the 30th worst dude on most NFL rosters, let alone a problem child. I couldn't care less about that. If I'm a fan of any team that might take Manziel, my concern is his ability to confidently and consistently read defenses and make strong, accurate mid ranged throws-that's where you  make your money in the NFL.

As for the Russel Wilson comparisons-there are less guys like him than more. Yes, he is a short QB but for every Russel Wilson, there are a dozen Rex Grossman's. Wilson's success has no bearing on Manziel's because Wilson plays the QB spot like an NFL pro should. NOTHING in Manziel's game indicates he is ready to do that to warrant a top 5  pick. Its an off base comparison.

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Small hands and a recklessness with the football should have people worried about Manziel.

Johnny Manziel has bigger hands than Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, and Teddy Bridgewater.

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BrewstersMillions's picture

And? He has average hand size by NFL standards but unlike the other three QB's you  mentioned (and I didn't) he also carries the ball like its a hot loaf of bread. When he can't outrun everyone in the league (and he can't) and people catch up to him, what do you think those trained professionals will be going after. Fumbles killed a lot of QB careers. Its one of the first problems I notice with Manziel, that's all.

Good stat link though. Nice find.

William's picture

Wrong again. The average size of a QB's hand in the NFL is 9.6 inches, Manziel comes in at 9.75 inches. In fact, Manziel has bigger hands than guys like Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo. The two biggest factors in determining accuracy are the size of QB's hands, and the height of his release point. Manziel has big hands, and in the past year has vastly improved his release point. Great article on whether or not hand size, or height, is a more important factor in determining the success of a QB:

BrewstersMillions's picture

I'm not saying his slightly above average (better?) hand size impacts his accuracy. I'm saying the way he carries the ball when he improvises-which is when he's at his best-is going to be a problem when combined with average (and thats what it is) hand size. I don't like his delivery in the pocket either but that's correctable. What makes Manziel inherently  good is an improvisational style that is fine at the collegiate level but when relied on can be dangerous at the pro level. There are guys who make a living in the NFl going after the football and Maziel will, mark my words, kill drives with his insistence on trying to over create. I'll concede on the hand size to a point but he is wreckless with a football and that will end you in the NFL. If Manziel were a second round pick, I'd be great with it. If he's taken to become a franchise qb-in a league that demands instant impact, then you'll be disappointed. I'd wager 10 fumbles at a minimum. Thats my point.

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Some of his greatest plays were reckless ones. They worked at his level. Just because the play worked out, doesnt mean he was any less careless. Run around with the ball out, turn and run backwards in the NFL and see how long that lasts.