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Aging Whiskey

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April 24, 2014 at 10:53am

Since it is so hard to find a good wheated bourbon for a realistic price, I can't even find W.L.Weller 12yr anymore. I'm not paying $120+ for Jefferson's Presidential or the crazy $$$ the Van Winkle bourbons go for. I'm not a collector, I'm a drinker, and most of my go to Bourbon's and Rye's run between $25-$45. Once in a while I'll splurge and pickup something like Noah Mills, Bookers, or High West.

I decided to purchase a 2ltr oak barrel from and fill it up with Weller Antique 107, my reasoning for using the Antique is it is relatively cheap and I do like the taste for the most part more so than Makers Mark. It is a bit overly sweet, and the finish falls off a cliff, but does a very good job of hiding it's proof on the nose and palate. From what I've read the Weller's line is suppose to use the same mash bill as the Van Winkle line.

I have filled up 2oz test bottles with what was left over so I can taste the difference and top the barrel off periodically due to evaporation (angles share). My plan right now is to let it age 3 to 6 months but I may let it go longer. I'll take a sample in 6 weeks to see how things are progressing.

I credit Hudson Whiskey for giving me the idea, they age their whiskeys in smaller barrels so the whiskey matures faster. I'm hoping the process will tone down the sweetness give it a bit more complexity and help the whiskey develop a mid to long finish.

I will update this thread from time to time to let those who are interested know how things are progressing.


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MMmmm Van Winkle. I'be been drinking Woodford Reserver double oak. For $58, I think it's a good value. I'm surprised it makes its way up to Toledo. Very small runs.



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I'm glad you've put in the controls (2 oz test bottles), because I'm skeptical that a second aging will accomplish a whole lot. Curious to see how much of an effect you perceive.


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Can you get decent temperature cycling in 3 - 6 months (especially starting now)?

I guess since it's small you can put it in the freezer for awhile.

+1 HS
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Denny I think with the barrel being charred it will definitely change the taste profile the question is will it be for the better, I hope so but we shall see. Most of what I've read is people like to take White Dog or a very young Rye and age it, here is a link you may find interesting

I also have a good friend who likes to drink whiskey neat do a blind tasting, to get his opinion on how it's coming along, I plan on saving a bottle of the 1 he prefers at 6 weeks then pitting it against the 3 month draw, and if I decide to age beyond 3 months I'll continue that process.

Dirty419Boy that's a good point I live in the Panhandle of FL so it's pretty mild day and night and getting ready to get hot. I may just do that from time to time.